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Heartbroken daughter claims her cancer-stricken mother was ‘left to die’ after being sent home from hospital without any aftercare


One daughter claimed her cancer-stricken mother was “left to die” after being sent home from an NHS hospital with no aftercare.

Sylva Faye, from Hammersmith, West London, took Tik Tok after the death of her mother in November 2022 to share her harrowing experience.

She said her mother died within 11 weeks of her cancer diagnosis and she was left alone to care for her “with absolutely no support from anyone.”

The singer-songwriter claimed her mother was “totally healthy” before her death, as well as suffering from pain in her arm that her GP diagnosed as “overuse” of gardening.

Sylva said her mother then experienced stomach pain and went to A&E alone for help, adding: “She was at work, they lost her number at A&E and left her there for 15 hours.”

Arriving at the hospital, Sylva said she found her mother on a bench, she cried: “I was so sad and little when I found her there, and I realized she had been overlooked.”

Sylva Faye claimed she was “left alone” to care for her cancer-stricken mother after she was released from hospital “without any aftercare”.

Taking to TikTok to recount the harrowing experience, she said her mother was

Taking to TikTok to recount the harrowing experience, he said his mother was “totally healthy” but died within 11 weeks of being diagnosed with cancer.

When they were finally seen, Sylva stated: ‘(They found) a mass in her abdomen, it was like advanced pancreatic cancer, it had spread.

“She didn’t understand how bad that was, she was hospitalized for a week or so at Charing Cross, but they couldn’t decide which hospital to put her in.”

“Then we were sent back home with no aftercare, no help, just hundreds of medications that I was supposed to administer.”

Going through the medication box, Sylva said she found medications like Cyclizine, Diazepam and Haloperidol.

She said: ‘I had to do my own graphics. I had hundreds of tables that I had to do myself, because they didn’t give me any drug tables. They gave me a bunch of needles and morphine.

The daughter explained that she “has no nursing experience” and said she contacted doctors she knew “from school” and her father’s friends for help after the hospital “left her alone”.

Sylva claimed that ‘no one came’ to check on her mother and that a community pain care team did not show up after she was discharged.

She said: “No one called us, no one kept any of the appointments they sent us, the phone just didn’t ring and when she called the hospital, she couldn’t get through to anyone.”

Sylva claimed that

Sylva claimed that “nobody came” to help her or her mother and said that she had to administer all of her mother’s cancer drugs herself.

“They scheduled their chemotherapy so far in advance that they decided there was no point in doing it,” he added.

The devoted daughter claimed she called the hospital every day, but said the only time anyone showed up was when she “threatened” to give her mother the medicine her mother “begged” for after her mother made a “rattling” sound. of death”.

“Then they showed up and then they massively attacked me and scolded me and made me feel like a criminal in my own home,” he said.

Sylva said her mother wasn’t even aware of the extent of her illness, saying she only found out she was going to die when a member of a hospice team told her.

She said: “I didn’t even know it was a palliative because no one had a conversation with her.”

Sylva claims she now has panic and anxiety attacks and is on the waiting list for therapy. She said: “I’ve gone off the grid for grief counseling and can’t afford therapy.”

Since posting her TikTok, she has garnered thousands of comments in support of her situation and has been encouraged to set up a go finance me.

Over 150 people have donated to his cause and he is £500 short of reaching his goal of £3,000.

Explaining why she created the account, she wrote: “The contribution would help me get private therapy while I wait for the lists I’m on as I need grief support.”

“It could also help me afford a lawyer and be able to seek some kind of justice, and help me get back on my feet after I’m done.”

Sylva said her father, who was separated from his late mother at the time of her death, has also been under the stress of the situation.

She claimed that he had a cardioversion after the stress of the situation and is also taking antidepressants.

“This is the worst nightmare someone could experience for their family members,” he added.

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