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Hear Atlanta’s top VCs at TechCrunch Live’s Atlanta event


It’s hard to believe it’s only less than a month away from TechCrunch (virtually) settling down in Atlanta for our latest TC Live event on June 7 at 2pm EDT.

We have a range of great programs, including the recently announced fireside chat with Ryan Glover, the co-founder of the fintech Greenwood, discussing the economics of corporate equity. There’s more to come, and today we’re proud to announce another panel: Investing in Atlanta, which will be moderated by TechCrunch’s Becca Szkutak, and talk about the current venture ecosystem in the Atlanta area, as well as the best ways to raise money. and meet local venture capitalists.

The investors in the panel are nevertheless pillars of the Atlanta region. There is Lisa Calhounthe founder of Valor Ventures, Shila Nieve Burneythe founder of Zane Capital, and Sean O’Brien, a managing partner at Overline Ventures. Each brings their unique perspective on investing and speaks to the importance of intersectionality when it comes to money allocation and why, of all places, Atlanta is attracting and retaining new businesses and founders.

Their panel begins at 2:30 PM EDT, right after the fireside talk with Glover. Stay tuned for more program updates and register to attend the event HERE. It’s free like all TechCrunch Live events. And remember, if you’re an Atlanta-based startup wanting to participate in our pitch competition, click HERE. We also have an exciting list of judges to announce.

See you soon!

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