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Healthy with iOS 17: Apple will soon take care of your physical condition, AI should help – WhatsNew2Day


With iOS 17, Apple is integrating additional health functions for the iPhone.

Apple continues to focus on human health. This will probably not come as a surprise to most, after all the manufacturer relies on new features in this area with its Apple Watch.

The manufacturer is even secretly working on non-invasive glucose monitoring for the smart wristwatch.

An expansion of the health app is expected at this year’s WWDC with the presentation of iOS 17. In addition, with iPadOS 17, the application should finally come to the iPad.

iOS 17 will probably get a mood tracker, health app for iPad is to come

Apple plans according to a Report by Mark Gurman to implement a mood tracker in iOS 17. The manufacturer continues to pursue the strategy of investing resources in health and wellness functions.

With this tracker, users should be able to record their current mood, answer questions about the day and view the results in a timeline.

Mark Gurman also describes that suitable algorithms are being planned that will use speech patterns and other data to classify the mood of the user. However, this function would only be taken into account later – if this feature actually comes.

The mood tracker is powered by the journal appwhich according to previous rumors is also planned for iOS 17, must be strictly separated. The digital diary should not have any health functions.

Apple is said to be planning a diary app for iOS 17 that could look like this.  (Concept image: Parker Ortolani)

Apple is said to be planning a diary app for iOS 17 that could look like this. (Concept image: Parker Ortolani)

Apparently the app is being treated as an extension of Apple’s Where Is? network and other location features to build out a social networking component. Accordingly, the user should be able, for example, “to record a diary entry about their way to work,” according to Mark Gurman.

In addition, the health app should have additional functions for managing visual disorders such as myopia.

Apart from that, Apple is probably planning wellness functions for its own mixed reality headsetwhich will presumably make its debut at WWDC 2023. Accordingly, there are rumors about a meditation app that is supposed to relax the wearer.

Apple’s own health app is currently only available for the iPhone. This is set to change with iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. According to the report linked above, the application will appear with the next update for the iPad.

This allows the health metrics to be displayed in a larger format. According to the report, Apple is pursuing the goal of increasing the popularity of the health app in those healthcare facilities where tablets are widespread.

Paid health service based on AI could come

Mark Gurman also reports on Apple’s plans to launch a user health coaching service.

The AI-based service should therefore encourage users to exercise more, change their eating habits, walk more steps and improve their sleep.

Apple probably uses its own smartwatch for this service in order to tailor the program to the user. Similar to Fitness+ and other services from the manufacturer, the coaching service is to be provided with a monthly fee.

According to Mark Gurman, it remains to be seen whether this service will actually come in 2024, be postponed or even canceled.

What do you think of Apple’s direction of investing more and more in health functions? Would you use features like a mood tracker and record your well-being? Do you already have a similar app installed on your smartphone? What do you think of the idea of ​​AI-based coaching for health purposes? Write it to us in the comments!

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