Healthy Shakes to Prevent the Early Signs of Protein Deficiency in Children

One of the most talked-about nutrients when it comes to child development and growth is protein. We all know that proteins load the body with amino acids that help tissues and muscles grow. Unfortunately, most children suffer from protein deficiency, leading to several health issues.

Issues like fussy eating or even having a predominantly vegetarian diet can limit the intake of protein for kids. If your child exhibits any of the following signs of protein deficiency, a good protein shake like Gritzo is highly recommended to ensure that your child is getting a well-balanced diet.

Early Signs of Protein Deficiency

It is important to reach the daily recommended intake of protein for children to prevent the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue: If your child is feeling tired and exhausted even after a few hours of physical activity, it may be time to review his or her diet. Protein is vital for the body to recover. It is also a great source of energy. However, when your child does not have enough protein intake, it leads to excessive fatigue.
  • Weak immunity: Does your child fall sick often? We usually turn to vitamins and minerals to boost immunity. However, did you know that protein is just as important? It is necessary for the production of the cells of the immune system which help fight off any germs or pathogens.
  • Stunted growth: If you feel like your child is not developing as he or she should be at a given age, increasing the protein intake might be necessary. Protein is the key to any growth and development in the body. Therefore, it is crucial during your child’s growing years.
  • Brittle nails and hair: Children who do not eat enough protein tend to have nails that seem to peel off in layers. The hair is also an important indicator of a possible deficiency. If it looks lifeless or tends to grow too slowly, it is a cause for concern. This is because hair and nails are made of protein.
  • Poor concentration: When we think of brain food, we immediately think about cod liver capsules and omega-3. However, your child’s brain needs a lot more. Protein is one such nutrient that your child’s brain needs in abundance. The brain utilizes proteins for several cognitive functions. In addition to this, when your child consumes enough protein, it provides an alternate source of fuel for the rest of the body. This means the brain has enough carbohydrates to function with. Therefore, there is an immediate boost in concentration and focus.

How Do I Choose the Right Protein Drink For my Child?

There are different options that are available on shelves today, making it harder to choose the best protein for kids. Here are a few factors to consider when you are buying a protein shake for your little one:

  • If your child is lactose intolerant, choose a protein drink that is malt-based and uses sources like soy for protein. Avoid whey proteins for lactose-intolerant children.
  • For children with allergies to gluten, a milk-based protein shake is the best option.
  • Make sure you read the nutrition label before buying. If you find that there are too many ingredients or are having a hard time pronouncing the names of the ingredient, chances are that it is loaded with chemicals and preservatives.
  • Choose a product like Gritzo Supermillk for Active Kids which is age-appropriate. You have different options for different age groups.
  • A protein drink with unrefined, natural sugar sources is a better choice.

Whenever you are choosing a supplement for your child, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor. If you have noticed the above-mentioned signs and symptoms, especially, a visit to the doctor is a must. They may not be restricted to protein deficiency and may indicate other nutritional or health issues as well.

Gritzo is one of the safest and most suitable options for your child as it is age-appropriate and made with the finest ingredients. The great taste is a plus as your child will never fuss about drinking milk ever again.