Headline: Features You Probably Never Knew Your PS5 Has

If you are one of the lucky few around the world that has secured a PS5 then you must be wondering what the first thing to do with your next-gen console is. Sony has released an amazing console in the PS5 that has some cool new features. These features include haptic feedback tech and 3D audio just to name a few. Most people over look these features and once they acknowledge them are clueless about how they work. 

When seeking help with new features or any IT related issues, making use of managed IT support services is a great option. There are constantly new games that are being released and to get the best experience from them you need to know how to use all the new features of the PS5. Utilising the right IT managed services company can help make your life a lot easier. Here are a few PS5 tips that you should try to enhance your overall experience with it. 

Remove The Stand  

When you first get the PS5 it comes with a stand fixed at the bottom for positioning it upright.  The PS5 is quite large, and the stand only makes it worse because it may be too tall. If you would like to put your PS5 horizontally instead you can simply switch the stand to the PS5’s base panel. 

Make Use of DualShock 4s

You may be shocked by this, but you can actually use your PS4’s DualShock 4 controllers on your PS5. You can use them only when playing backwards compatible PS4 games on the next-gen hardware. 

This means that you should not just get rid of your DualShock 4s as of yet. If you cannot afford a second DualSense controller right away you can use the DualShock 4s in the meantime. Now you can find yourself inviting friends and family over to enjoy a co-op game. 

Game Boost For Enhancement

The PS5 is capable of automatically remastering backwards compatible PS4 games that does not require any developer input. Sony has named this process Game Boost as they have taken their technology to the next level. 

When making use of PS4 titles you will have reduced loading times, improved frame rate and resolutions. The PS5’s new UX features provides you with major advantages when compared to other consoles. Like the PS5, IT support providers can help give you an advantage over your competitors. 

Game Boost is an awesome new way of replaying all those old games you used to love just that it will be with better features this time. This is a great way to entertain yourself should you want to stay in or even if you are in a lockdown.