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Headless body of model found dismembered in fridge as police arrest her ex-husband and father-in-law

The headless body of the missing 28-year-old model is found dismembered in the refrigerator of a Hong Kong house of horrors that had been turned into a “butcher shop” when police arrested her ex-husband and father-in-law.

  • Abby Choi’s body was found in soup pots Friday at a home in Hong Kong
  • Her ex-father-in-law, her ex-husband and her brother have been arrested.

Former relatives of a missing model have reportedly been arrested after her body was brutally dismembered and left in pots of soup.

The Hong Kong town of Lung Mei Tsuen was a butcher shop on Friday when parts of Abby Choi were found in a fridge.

The police arrested the parents and older brother of Ms. Choi’s ex-husband for the gruesome discovery in her former father-in-law’s rented house.

After an extensive search, Ms. Choi’s former partner, 31, was also arrested yesterday, according to the South China Morning Mail.

Police told the publication that the attack was “well planned” and “premeditated”, adding that there were many “smoke screens” to distract authorities from the truth.

Abby Choi was found in pots of soup on Friday at a house in Lung Mei Tsuen, Hong Kong.

Her ex-father-in-law, her ex-husband and her brother were reportedly arrested following the incident.

Her ex-father-in-law, her ex-husband and her brother were reportedly arrested following the incident.

Superintendent Alan Chung Nga-Iun told the publication: “We are still searching for the head, torso and hands, which we believe were discarded.”

A missing persons investigation began Tuesday after the up-and-coming model failed to pick up a child as planned.

At the time, the 28-year-old woman was fighting with her ex-husband and his family over more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars (10.7 million pounds), authorities said.

It was on Friday that the police searched the house of the father-in-law who it was allegedly set up with equipment such as a meat grinder, mincers, a hammer, and an electric saw.

The property was then cordoned off and 20 police officers were reportedly running in and out to investigate the scene.

An underwater search for Ms. Choi’s remaining body parts will now be carried out this afternoon, according to the times of the strait.

Police also confirmed today that ‘post-mortem examinations will be carried out later to determine the cause of death’ of a 28-year-old woman.

MailOnline contacted the Hong Kong Police to confirm that it is Ms Choi.