Home Life Style ‘He told me I wasn’t model material’: Find out what happened on the BLIND DATE so badly ‘the best thing was the train ride home’

‘He told me I wasn’t model material’: Find out what happened on the BLIND DATE so badly ‘the best thing was the train ride home’

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Since her divorce, Claire has been involved in the community

Every week, FEMAIL asks two singles to report on their blind date.

This week, it was Claire and Colin’s turn to wine and dine.

Read on to find out what went wrong…

Clara, 50 years old.

Vital statistics

Divorced in 2021; three children.

Current role

Business, sex and relationship coach.

Would you like to meet

An entrepreneurial mindset and passion are essential.

Since her divorce, Claire has been involved in the “sex positive” community. That means knowing what she likes in bed and how she can fully receive pleasure.

Past dates?

I was married for 19 years and we were together for 21 years. Since my divorce I have been involved in the “sex positive” community. That means getting to know what I like in bed and how I can fully receive pleasure.

Pre-date nerves?

No, I love meeting people and hearing their stories.

First impressions?

I didn’t like Colin. Physically he is a handsome boy, but I needed to feel something on an energetic level with him and it wasn’t there. He asked me how I thought of the photo shoot and I told him it was fun and that I had been to a few before. Colin questioned what he had done in previous sessions because he didn’t look like model material, which was a strange thing to do on a date.

Easy to talk to?

I did most of the talking. He navigates life by making assumptions first, so he was constantly corrected. I suggested that he look at the role he played in the breakdown of their relationship, but he didn’t like that. I’m used to men who have grown and evolved, but not Colin.

He mentioned that he had been to boarding school, which perhaps excuses him a little. He noticed that other diners were talking on the phone and commented on it. Who cares? He is a gossipy and critical man.

Embarrassing moments?

I had cheese soufflé as a starter and Colin commented that it might be uncomfortable if I had melted cheese hanging from my lip. He said he would point it out to me if he had, “but it would take a while.” Honestly? Colin needs a relationship coach.

Did sparks fly?

None. It gave me a headache. I am a self-confident woman, so her negative attitude towards life did not touch me. But her vibe was totally off.

See it again?

No. We are not compatible. Self-awareness is a number one quality for me and Colin doesn’t have it. I see our date as him helping me see exactly what I don’t want.

What do you think he thought of you?

He probably thought, ‘God! “She’s a fucking nightmare.” She never asked for my number and I wouldn’t have given it to her.

Would your family and friends like it?

Colin would never go that far. I don’t introduce my loved ones to people who can’t get past the first date.

Claire’s Verdict: 4/10

APPRECIATED? The photo session.

REGRETS? None: it is a learning experience.


Colin, 55 years old


Never married and no children.


Head of operations for a video company.


A self-sufficient woman: I am not a meal ticket.

Colin has never married because he is unwilling to compromise. But it's not that he's picky.

Colin has never married because he is unwilling to compromise. But it’s not that he’s picky.

Past dates?

Some long-term relationships, but basically I tried and failed. I have never married because I am not willing to make concessions. It’s not that I’m picky either. I’m too frugal to go all out on dating apps, so I haven’t bothered this year.

Pre-date nerves?

Yes, if I wasn’t nervous, it would be arrogance on my part. He really wanted to not look like an idiot.

First impressions?

Wow, Claire is a beautiful woman. I didn’t congratulate her when I got to the table, but I chalked it up to my nerves. I quickly realized that she curses in a vaguely pleasant way.

Easy to talk to?

Claire is an intelligent, well-traveled and highly motivated woman. She made a lot of bold statements and that’s why I questioned her, but not aggressively. She is a sex coach and we inevitably talk about past relationships. She told me I was partly to blame for one ending, but that wasn’t the case.

We don’t agree on many things. Claire is a feminist and believes in equal rights, but she believes that the man should pay on the first date. My attitude today with women is, “Pay your way, honey.”

Embarrassing moments?

No, although Claire might have thought I was a cheapskate when I decided on the chicken, as there was no way I was paying £35 for a steak.

Did sparks fly?

Zero. There was no chemistry. It’s not that we weren’t on the same page, we’re not even in the same book.

See her again?

No. I was hoping to meet the love of my life so I felt deflated. Although I’m over it, I actually started (and then deleted) an email to my ex based on what Claire said.

What do you think she thought of you?

I get the impression that there was no love interest. If you say otherwise, I will be surprised.

Would your family and friends like it?

No, we are too different. Meditation just isn’t part of my social life.

Colin’s Verdict: 6/10

APPRECIATED? The train ride home.

REGRETS? No, it wasn’t a complete car accident.


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