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He revealed some details about the next generation of Xbox devices and the expected release date | -WhatsNew2Day


More details about the next generation of Xbox have emerged through official information obtained by the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Recently issued CMA statement Detailed information about its final decision, through which it decided to prevent the completion of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. This statement touched on the next generation of Xbox consoles and the expected release date.

Initially, according to official documents, the strategic plan for the next generation of Xbox devices began to be developed in September (9) of 2022, and the authority was informed of this matter in advance.

Also, through this 111-page document, CMA stated that Microsoft plans to release the next generation of the Xbox platform sometime in 2028.

This new Xbox will be part of what Microsoft calls the Microsoft Universal App Storefront. It is an ambitious new plan for the ecosystem through which Microsoft will try to integrate its platforms, computers and mobile devices into one cohesive framework. Exact details about this platform are still unknown.

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This is not the first time that talk has been made about the next generation of Xbox consoles or the new system that Microsoft is working on.

The US FTC statement referred to this new ecosystem in its report. It indicated on page 6 in the RFP6 section that it wanted more information about the new ecosystem of Microsoft’s unified gaming products and services. This new model will include the integration of Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, mobile devices, smart TVs, and other platforms such as the unannounced Keystone, as well as mobile devices such as the Windows-based ASUS ROG Ally, and other peripherals such as Logitech G Cloud, designed for cloud gaming.

Also, earlier, official documents revealed to CMA the possibility that Sony will launch the PlayStation 6 in the period around 2027. That is, it may precede the launch of the new Microsoft device by a whole year if these dates are accurate, and do not witness changes in the future.

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