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HBO’s Harry Potter series officially announced – to run for at least 10 years – WhatsNew2Day


Harry Potter returns: As a TV series from HBO and with a new cast. There is no release date yet.

Yes, there is indeed a Harry Potter series coming from HBO – the broadcaster behind productions such as Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon and The Last of Us has officially confirmed this with a first teaser. The project will once again focus on the seven Harry Potter books, with a completely new cast, and will run for at least ten years.

First teaser of the Harry Potter series revealed

HBO has unveiled a first teaser to announce the Harry Potter series. However, it doesn’t show too much, but at least it uses the well-known theme of the cinema films. It’s best to just take a look for yourself:

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10 years is not the same as 10 seasons: Incidentally, ten years does not mean that there should be ten seasons of the Harry Potter series – as Warner Bros. Discovery officially emphasized in the course of the announcement. The project will executive produce with controversial Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts author JK Rowling.

What we (maybe) already know: Previously, there were already promising rumors about the project, which are now true. According to a Bloomberg report, each season of the Harry Potter series could be dedicated to a book in the series. Overall, the series format should allow the creators of the series to give the story of the template more room to breathe.

JK Rowling controversy

Comments by Harry Potter author JK Rowling about trans people have repeatedly sparked controversy. This article explains Rowling’s statements and summarizes reactions from those affected. An overview of the whole controversy surrounding JKR and Hogwarts Legacy can be found here.

No cast or release date

Many open questions: It is currently not known which new actors will slip into the roles of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Co. Also, we don’t have a release date or what directors, producers and showrunners are involved. In this regard, fans still have to be patient.

The official confirmation of the Harry Potter series was foreseeable in view of the significant success of the franchise: the cinema films have already grossed over 7.7 billion US dollars worldwide and the recently released role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy exceeded all expectations of Warner Bros.

You can find out more about Harry Potter and Hogwarts Legacy under the links above.

What do you think of the announcement of HBO’s Harry Potter series: are you also looking forward to the project or could you do without it in good conscience? What are your hopes and expectations for the TV series? What would you wish for the future of the franchise? Let us know in the comments!

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