HBO is giving away large cardboard boxes for your next TV fort

There are many things that baffle me about American culture, nothing more than the tradition of sharing a room with a stranger when you go to college. If you are currently suffering precisely, HBO has a promotional product for you.


It is called the HBO box, and as far as I can see, it's actually a big black cardboard box with air holes and a few recesses to pierce your legs. The idea is that you lie back on your bed with the upper half of your body packed in the box, so that you are free to see what you want on your phone, without worrying that your roommate can stare over your shoulder. They will probably still be able to hear you because, as I said, it is a cardboard box.

HBO clearly wants you to use the box to catch up on his own shows, but I'm going to level up with you here: when I walked into my roommate who was lying horizontally on their bed in a big black box, the last I assume they watch Are dark materials in there. But for each their own.

Anyway, if you want to get hold of one of these boxes, then HBO is currently running a competition with its "brand activation" partner Fooji. In the coming days Fooji & # 39; s Twitter account will issue a tweet at noon to ask for submissions. To participate, respond to the tweet with the requested information and you will have the chance to register for a chance to win. You must be over 18, have a .edu email address, and live in an area served by DoorDash or FedEx. Together with the box, the competition rules state that you can also get stickers, HBO T-shirts or a few AirPods.