HBO cancels its first scheduled spin-off from Game of Thrones

HBO & # 39; s first Game of Thrones spin-off allegedly he does not get past the pilot phase, according to a report of Deadline. The prequel, in which a pilot was shot over the summer with Naomi Watts and written by showrunner Jane Goldman, was set "thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones " and would have "depicted the descent of the world of the golden age of heroes to the darkest hour".


Deadline gives no direct reason for HBO's decision not to proceed with a series order, but it does establish that there were rumors about problems during the filming of the pilot in the summer. That reflects stories that are original Game of Thrones had a terrible pilot, that was wildly different from the final version that ended up on the screen. HBO reportedly had to re-photograph over 90 percent of the episode before it was broadcast, and kicked the cultural juggernaut who eventually became the series.

The canceled series – rumors to be named at one point The long night – is certainly not the only one Game of Thrones spin-off in the making. HBO originally launched five prequel and spin-off ideas before the original show even ended. Back in May 2019, A song of ice and fire Creator Said George R.R. Martin three of those ideas came closer & # 39; the reality.

One of those three is probably the now canceled Watts series, which would leave at least two others in the mix. We may also know one of those other ideas: Deadline reported in September that HBO was about to give a trial order for a second series based on an idea from Martin and Colony co-maker Ryan Condal. That series would adapt Fire and blood, Martin & # 39; s fictional history book about the Targaryen dynasty.

Given Game of Thrones & # 39; enormous popularity, it is practically guaranteed that HBO will continue the series in one form or another. But whatever comes for the franchise, it seems that the Goldman series is not part of it.