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HBL-Duo Reaches Final Four of European League


No final tournament at home: For hosts SG Flensburg-Handewitt, the dream of winning the title in their own hall has burst. After the 31:30 win in the first leg of the quarter-finals against BM Granollers from Spain, the handball Bundesliga team in the European League suffered a clear 27:35 (12:16) defeat in the second leg. Füchse Berlin and Frisch Auf Göppingen, on the other hand, are at the tournament.

Flensburg, who suffered their first defeat of the year in the Final Four of the DHB Cup against the Rhein-Neckar Löwen (31:38) last Saturday, didn’t really get going from the start. The guests played confidently and took the lead by up to five goals in the first half. In the second half, the Spaniards were particularly strong defensively and didn’t give Maik Machulla’s team the slightest chance.

Berlin, on the other hand, showed strong comeback qualities. Despite being four goals behind in the first leg (33:37), Jaron Siewert’s team convincingly won the second leg against Kadetten Schaffhausen from Switzerland at home with 30:24 (17:15).

The foxes turned up the heat in the last quarter of an hour, backcourt player Mathias Gidsel shone with ten goals. The second in the Bundesliga table is playing for the third European League title in the club’s history in the final round in Flensburg.

Also Frisch Auf Göppingen will play for the cup on May 27th and 28th in Flensburg. After the comfortable 32:23 victory in the first leg against Nexe Nasice, the Bundesliga team won 31:27 (13:12) against the Croatian representative. Montpellier HB was the last participant to qualify for the final tournament with a 31:30 (16:14) against Sporting Lisbon (first leg: 32:32).

Nexe Nasice/Croatia – FA Göppingen 27:31 (12:13). – Goals: Kevic (8/5 penalties), Moslavac (5), Bakic (3), Tomic (3), Markusic (2), Vejin (2), Melic (1), Pribetic (1), Racic (1) , Severec (1) for Nasice – Sarac (6), Andersen (4), Kneule (4), Schiller (4/2), Gulliksen (3), Kozina (2), Röller (2), Schmidt (2), Duarte Brito (1), Goller (1), Hermann (1), Malus (1) for Göppingen. – Spectators: 2000 – First leg 23:32

Foxes Berlin – Kadetten Schaffhausen/Switzerland 30:24 (17:15). – Goals: Gidsel (10), Holm (4), Drux (3), Weber (3/1 penalty kicks), Andersson (2), Freihöfer (2), Marsenic (2), Wiede (2), Darj (1) , Lindberg (1/1) for Berlin – Rikhardsson (6/5), Kusio (5), Bartok (2), Schopper (2), Zabic (2), Canellas Reixach (1), Herburger (1), Lier ( 1), Markovic (1), Maros (1), Matzken (1), Obranovic (1) for Schaffhausen. – Spectators: 7911 – First leg: 33:37

SG Flensburg-Handewitt – BM Granollers/Spain 27:35 (12:16). – Goals: Jakobsen (6/4 penalty kicks), Mensing (5), Soegard Johannessen (4), Gottfridsson (3), Einarsson (2), Golla (2), Hald Jensen (2), Hansen (1), Mensah Larsen (1), Roed (1) for Flensburg – Yusuf (10), Garcia Robledo (8), Reguart Massana (5), Franco i Miro (4), Salinas Munoz (4), Gurri Aregay (3), Torriani (1 ) for Granollers. – Spectators: 2718. – First leg: 31:30

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