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“Has Carson Wentz found a new NFL team?”


Carson Wentz has been in decline in the NFL for quite some time. In late February, the quarterback also lost his job with the Washington Commanders. However, his time as a free agent could soon come to an end.

Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Kyler Murray is in danger of missing the start of the new season due to a cruciate ligament rupture. David Kenyon from the US platform “Bleacher Report” assumes that the team will sign another quarterback in the offseason and names Carson Wentz as a suitable candidate.

In this regard, Kenyon speaks of an interim solution. “Given his recent history, Wentz cannot call for a long-term contract,” said the sportswriter, who believes a one-year, $8 million contract is appropriate.

According to Kenyon, this commitment would have a certain appeal on both sides. Wentz could prove he’s still capable of leading a team after his failed stints with the Indianapolis Colts and Commanders. Arizona, on the other hand, would be secured in the event of an emergency.

Kyler Murray will not break his NFL comeback over the knee

The worst case scenario is when Kyler Murray isn’t fit again for the upcoming start of the season. NFL insider Ian Rapoport believes this scenario is quite likely.

“As far as I know, he’s going to take his time and make sure this thing works 100 percent,” the TV analyst said in January. In his eyes, Murray has no need to rush either.

“He’s young, he’s got a long career ahead of him. He’s not going to hurry, so don’t be surprised if we don’t see him at the start of the season or maybe even mid-season. This injury needs to heal perfectly,” Rapoport said.

Murray is a quarterback who regularly runs the ball himself. Before he exposes himself to this increased risk of injury again, he will want to be sure that his body can take the hits of his opponents.

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