Harry goes to the $1,300-a-night bar at an NYC hotel for the second night in a row, but Meghan is nowhere to be seen

Self-proclaimed eco-warriors Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spent a day strolling through New York City filled with photos of celebrities in a convoy of three gas-guzzling SUVs.

The awake couple traveled to the One World Trade Center early this morning where they posed for photos with Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Bill de Blasio before heading to the 9/11 Memorial.

From there, they made a pit stop back to the luxurious Carlyle Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where the first-class suite costs up to a whopping $8,800 per night. The couple will stay there for the duration of their four-day trip and were seen dining at the hotel’s upscale restaurant on Wednesday evening, after arriving in the Big Apple from their California home.

Shortly after noon, they then traveled to the United Nations for a 40-minute meeting where they had an “important discussion” about COVID-19, racial justice and mental health with US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

They are scheduled to appear at Saturday’s Global Citizen concert in Central Park, which focuses on vaccine equality.

It is not yet clear how they will spend the rest of Thursday and Friday.

The luxury convoy transporting them through the city, with at least two Range Rovers and a dark SUV, has CO2 emissions of 235 g/km per car. The couple would have traveled at least 20 miles through New York City.

It’s not clear whether Harry and Meghan traveled from their home in Montecito, where they left Archie and three-month-old Lilibet, to a private jet or a commercial airline in New York.

The couple’s latest environmental blunder comes just four months after Harry said climate change is one of “the most pressing issues we face.”

Harry told Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV, “With kids growing up in today’s world, it’s pretty depressing, yet depending on where you live, your homeland is either on fire, it’s either flooded, houses or forests bulldozed. ‘

But despite his lecture on climate change, Harry took a $45 million private jet owned by a millionaire friend home from Aspen, Colorado to Santa Barbara in August after attending a celebrity polo match.

The two-hour flight, which had emitted no less than ten tons of CO2.

Royal author Tom Quinn said after Harry’s private jet trip in August: “This seems hugely hypocritical, given all his talk of climate change.

“Harry seems to see himself as leading the rest of the world and that his own behavior is irrelevant. It’s a huge blind spot.’

The controversy arose when Prince Charles made his vigorous challenge to big business to join his crusade for action “before it’s finally too late.”

The heir to the throne says humanity’s “only hope” is for corporate leaders to join world leaders in an “epic battle” to avert “climate catastrophe.”

Writing exclusively to the Daily Mail, the Prince of Wales said: ‘We have no alternative now – we must do everything we can in the short time we have left to avert the massive climate catastrophe that is already beginning to unfold in the most terrifying world. manners.’

After flying to London in July, Harry returned to Los Angeles where he took advantage of an ultra-exclusive and lavish private airport service called The Private Suite.

It sent a luxury gas-guzzling Chevrolet SUV to carry him away when he landed at LAX from London earlier this month.

Described as ‘the most VIP way through the airport’, the PS service is one step above first class and one step below using a private jet.

Members, who sign up for $4,500 per year and then pay an additional $3,450 per trip, are invited to exit the plane via their own private stairway in front of every other passenger, are then loaded into their own SUV and driven to a private terminal where they collect their luggage and go through passport control in a wonderfully isolated environment.

The PS website describes itself as ‘a private airport experience’ and says: ‘PS rediscovers the airport experience for the seasoned and discerning traveller.’

Harry was previously criticized for taking four private jet flights in 11 days, including to a climate summit in Sicily.

That summer, Harry and Meghan took Elton John’s private plane from Ibiza, where they had vacationed with Archie, to the singer’s home in Nice, France.

The case caused a storm of controversy, especially when Harry launched his ‘eco’ travel initiative Travalyst shortly after. Sir Elton loyally railed at ‘spurious’ criticism, saying he had paid to offset the impact of the trip.

Later that year, Harry claimed that “99 percent” of his flights were commercial after he took a scheduled flight to Amsterdam to promote Travalyst, a program that promotes eco-friendly tourism.

At the event, the prince declined to apologize for private flights to Italy, France and Spain, saying: “I spend 99 percent of my life traveling the world by commercial.

‘Every once in a while there has to be a chance’ [to fly privately] based on a unique circumstance to make sure my family is safe – it’s that simple. For me it’s about balance. It’s not a decision I’d want to make, but if I have to, I’ll make sure to balance the impact I have.”

At the time, Harry dismissed concerns about his carbon footprint by insisting that he “compensate” for his emissions by donating to incentives for renewable energy and tree planting.