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Harry earns his keep! The Duke of Sussex keeps it VERY professional on the live stream with the boss of the tech company


He has spoken repeatedly about his need to earn a living, and on Wednesday night Prince Harry was doing just that — sitting down for a live chat to promote one of his contracts.

The 39-year-old spoke with the CEO of online coaching firm BetterUp, Alexi Robichaux, at the conclusion of a meeting of human resources professionals coordinated by the firm.

Harry was hired as the San Francisco-based startup’s director of impact in March 2021, for an undisclosed sum.

And on Wednesday he was diligently promoting the brand, telling Robichaux that he offered BetterUp services to all of his employees at his own company Archewell, adding: “I’ve seen firsthand what coaching can do.”

Harry carefully avoided any contentious topics and delivered simple answers during a 30-minute session that would have left his press advisers with a sigh of relief.

Few personal revelations are likely to remain after his explosive memoir Spare, which tackles royal family feuds, Harry’s cocaine use and even losing his virginity to an older woman.

Prince Harry took part in a livestreamed discussion on Wednesday night with the founder of coaching firm BetterUp, who appointed him chief impact officer in March 2021.

Harry spoke with Alexi Robichaux, who co-founded the firm in 2013.

Harry spoke with Alexi Robichaux, who co-founded the firm in 2013.

Perhaps the most notable note was struck by the emcees and presenters, who performed an embarrassing rap before the prince and Robichaux took the stage, pondering the price of eggs.

A member of the warm-up act invited a woman onto the stage and, by first asking her for her preferred pronouns, invited her to recount her day at the convention.

Harry and Robichaux entered the stage, both men in jeans and suit jackets.

“Alexis is going to start with a rap,” Harry teased.

Audience members were invited to submit questions in writing, and the pair then embarked on a company-indulgent discussion.

The rappers took the stage to entertain the audience of HR professionals before the prince and Robichaux appeared.

The rappers took the stage to entertain the audience of HR professionals before the prince and Robichaux appeared.

Robichaux is seen welcoming Harry onto the stage.

Robichaux is seen welcoming Harry onto the stage.

Robichaux was asked why he had hired the prince.

He said that he and his co-founder, Eddie Medina, had a key question.

“Who are luminaries in the world, who are leaders, who are talking about this, and it was a very, very short list,” Robichaux said.

In fact, it was only one person.

Robichaux told Harry: ‘It was a dream come true to work with you.’

The prince was a little less effusive when asked why he started working with BetterUp, replying, “Because that’s all they offered me.”

Laughing, he said he appreciated BetterUp’s focus on both doing good and making a profit.

When asked what role training had played in his life, Harry didn’t mention the immense family trauma he recently revealed in his memoir, Spare, saying instead that it was his time in the army that showed the power of training.

“However, I promise you we won’t yell at you,” he said. Unless that’s what you asked for.

Harry answered questions that had been submitted in writing by attendees.

Harry answered questions that had been submitted in writing by attendees.

The 38-year-old avoided contentious topics in his 30-minute chat.

The 38-year-old avoided contentious topics in his 30-minute chat.

He made a brief reference to ‘my wife’, but did not expand.

When asked about celebrating the event on International Women’s Day, Harry praised the women in his life and appeared to be mildly critical of his father King Charles and brother Prince William, whom he rounded up in your book.

“I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by strong, empowered, confident women my entire life,” she said.

‘I wish more women had higher leadership roles. Less testosterone in the room, which I think would be a good thing.

He also made reference to his children: Archie, three years old, and Lilibet, who turns two in June.

‘Children punish you,’ said Harry.

‘The longer you’ve been here, the more filters you have in life.’

The pair bantered through the rest of the shoot: dialogue filled with Silicon Valley buzzwords, with Robichaux at one point announcing that he wanted “more of one thing you said.”

A puzzled Harry asked, ‘Pus?!’

Robichaux replied: ‘Also. Add it up and make it a little better.

Robichaux urged those present to “reimagine work as a play space” and “inspire awe in your workforce.”

Harry added: ‘For me personally, I get a lot out of helping other people.

It’s what makes me get out of bed every morning.

It’s not Harry’s first foray into promoting the brand.

In February 2022, he sat down with Robichaux and Serena Williams to discuss the company at another livestreamed event.

And in July 2022, he interviewed three different people for a short film, including two-time Olympic gold medal-winning snowboarder Chloe Kim, about their own mental health practices, while promoting online life coaching services from the company.

“We all have greatness within us,” says the father of two at the beginning of the five-minute film.

‘Mental fitness helps us unlock it. It’s an ongoing practice, one in which you approach your mind as something to flex, not fix.

The world according to Prince Harry! The Duke of Sussex’s advice for achieving ‘mental fitness’

GET THE PINNACLE OF MENTAL FITNESS: ‘Mental fitness is the pinnacle, it’s what you’re looking for. The road to that can be very bumpy…it’s called an inside ‘job’ for a reason.’

INSIDE WORK: ‘With everything around you, the only way you can combat (burnout) and build resilience to the outside world and everything around you is to do the inside work… The outside work becomes so much easier when you become familiar with the internal work. .. If everyone (had time) to do (internal work), the change in global consciousness would be huge, it would be huge.’

DAILY MEDITATION: ‘I know I need to meditate every day… Put it (into your daily routine) like brushing your teeth every morning… You need to put it in your journal as a habit, otherwise it’s the first thing to go. of your busy day.

DAILY TIME: ‘I’ve now put in about half an hour, 45 minutes in the morning when one kid has gone to school and the other is napping, there’s a break in our schedule. It’s like, right, it’s for exercise, walking the dog, going out into nature, maybe meditating. I hope everyone is able to do that.’

LISTEN TO THE LESSONS FROM THE UNIVERSE: “Life is all about learning and if you are 20, 30, 40 and even 50 and you think you have it figured out then bad things will happen. But when bad things happen, I think there’s a lesson here, I’m being educated by the universe, there’s something I need to learn.

TURN THE NEGATIVE INTO POSITIVE: “Every bad thing, or the things you perceive as bad, that happen can actually be good.”

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH MENTAL TRAINERS: ‘You need to have someone there to not only guide you through life, but to challenge your perspective. That is what I ask of (my mental coach) weekly… Professional help, friends, family, anyone can help you in that coaching process (and give you) the ability to find someone else to throw ideas at. or feelings or thoughts.’

CLEAN YOUR MENTAL WINDSHIELD: ‘Have different points of view in your life and friends who don’t bother to reject the things you say or feel so they can encourage you to see it more clearly. I see that as trying to surround myself with people who will happily wash the (mental) windshield and clean those filters… There’s an endless filter system of what you think is going on.’

CREATE A MENTAL TOOLBOX: ‘I know how my nervous system is going to react to certain situations that are out of my control (I think so), what do I have in my toolbox? What tools can help me deal with this?’

HONE YOUR MENTAL SUPERPOWER: ‘Life is about discovery. In that discovery you are going to find things that you don’t like, you are going to find things that make you feel uncomfortable, that constantly push you back, but as you work on those things, suddenly, the stress, the chaos and all the things that were working against you in your life, be it private life, be it work life… all the things that get in your way disappear or you visualize them and are able to turn the negative into a positive and so make those things work for you. It almost feels like a superpower.

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