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Harry and Meghan unveil slick new website describing how their “progressive new role”

Harry and Meghan unveil slick new website describing how their ‘transition’ to a ‘progressive new role’ moments will unfold after making a bomb ‘we stop’ announcement

  • The new website, sussexroyal.com, went live shortly after their live Announcement
  • On the site they outlined their “progressive new role” and future financing
  • They also spoke about the future of their charities and their new media policy

Prince Harry and Meghan revealed a slick new website for a few moments after they announced that they were taking their royal duties away.

Messages on the website, sussexroyal.com, describe the “new working model” of the duke and duchess of Sussex, explaining how they intend to continue in a “progressive new role” after announcing that they are the royal family leave.

They have listed their new media relations policies, the future of their charities, and also explained how they will be funded after they claim to be financially independent.

In an astonishing statement, they complained that they had not been able to earn their own money as senior royals.

The website, sussexroyal.com, describes the 'new working model' of the duke and duchess of Sussex

The website, sussexroyal.com, describes the ‘new working model’ of the duke and duchess of Sussex

So far, Harry and Meghan have been “forbidden to earn any kind of income” – as they indicated in their long-term post on their official website last night.

They will give up their income from the Sovereign Grant – the taxpayers give the queen every year – and launch themselves on the international celebrity circuit.

They will have to make lucrative commercial deals to maintain the lush lifestyle to which they are comfortable accustomed.

Sussexroyal.com also said the couple values ​​the ability to earn a professional income, for which it is prohibited in the current structure.

The website added that the Duke and Duchess will also continue to rely on Frogmore Cottage, with the Queen’s permission.

Taxpayers are also still expected to pay for their security.

Referring to armed security by the Metropolitan Police on behalf of the Home Office, the site said, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are classified as internationally protected people who require this level of security.”

Harry and Meghan also launched a new explosion on the British media and what they call the “wrong report.”

They announced that they would withdraw from the royal rota system, which allows British newspaper, television and radio organizations to hide their work because the monarchy is a government-funded organization.

British media currently have the right to publish their assignments in an impartial manner without the control of royal officials.

The couple say they now plan to provide access to specially invited media and to spread news through their own official communication and social media channels.

On their new website, the duke and duchess said they believe that this policy “reflects both their impending independence and members of the royal family” and their desire to “reform and broaden access to their work.”

They also attacked the bodies of the royal correspondents of the British media and claimed: “Unfortunately, stories that may have been accurately submitted by royal correspondents are also often edited or rewritten by media editorial teams to present false impressions.”

A statement added: “Their Royal Highnesses recognize that their role as members of the Royal Family is subject to interest, and they welcome accurate and honest media reporting, and are called to account if necessary.

“Likewise, like any other member of society, they value privacy as an individual and as a family.”

The site also mentioned the different charities of which the duke and duchess are the patron saint and explained how they intend to continue to represent the queen and to strengthen the Commonwealth.

A statement read: “As they become members of the Royal Family, with financial independence, their dedication to The Monarch is resolute and they strive to continue flying the flag for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as requested.”