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Hard Rock will build a new casino in Rockford

In late September, it was officially announced that a new Hard Rock casino will be built in Rockford, Illinois. On September 28, members of the city government and local celebrities gathered at the site to participate in the groundbreaking. The new hotel, combined with a casino, will be located on the corner of East State Street and Lyford Road, just off I-90.

The Rockford, meanwhile, already has a casino from Hard Rock, which is considered temporary and will be open until the full-fledged casino is fully operational.

The total cost of the project is reportedly more than $300 million, and the building will be 180,000 square feet. According to Geno Iafrate, president of Hard Rock Casino Rockford, the land-based club will offer all popular gambling games, including slot machines, table games, roulette, blackjack, poker, wheel of fortune, and many others. The complex will also combine a hotel, several restaurants, a spa, and a cafe.

Earlier it was reported that the Illinois Gaming Board approved the start of work on the site of the former Clock Tower Resort. It is expected that once construction begins, the company will be able to create several thousand jobs, and once the building is up and running, that number will grow by several thousand more. This fact pleases the local residents, some of whom hope to get a high-paying jobs in the casino. Many also look forward to having fun at a casino near their home.

Further proof of the company’s serious intentions is the recent $3 million a year salary increase. According to 23 News, this shows a responsible approach by Hard Rock management.

The mayor of Rockford commented on the construction that had begun, expressing a modicum of optimism. He expects increased revenue for the city, as well as local businesses, to thrive. According to Tom McNamara, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the city annually to play casinos. 

So far, only land-based casinos are operating in the state, but it is expected that soon online casinos will be legalized as well. If you look at the example of Canada, where casinos that accept canadian dollars bring huge profits, you can expect that online casinos in Illinois will have a positive impact on the budget.

At the moment, the exact date of completion of the Hard Rock Casino is unknown. It is expected to go into service in the winter of 2023, but it is too early to make predictions. A total of 7,000 truckloads of sand will be delivered for construction. Each day, 30 semi-trailers will be used to do this, burning 80,000 gallons of diesel fuel. That’s the amount of fuel 4,000 cars consume at the gas station.

The result will be a 250-room hotel and a state-of-the-art casino with seating for several hundred people.

According to Iafrate, only the casino will be launched in the beginning, while the hotel will be completed. This is planned in order to start making a profit as early as possible and let it go towards completing the construction.

Another pleasant surprise for Illinois residents will be that part of the proceeds from the new casino will be used for scholarships for Rockford Promise students at Northern Illinois University. They will be awarded to the best students in Rockford Public Schools.

This approach will not only increase the popularity and brand awareness in the city but will also increase loyalty among those segments of the population who oppose the development of gambling in the state. Some states have resorted to another way of improving relations with residents who are unhappy with gambling. They use a portion of casino revenues to develop infrastructure, thereby improving the quality of life for all residents.