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‘Hard being Toby’: Kingsley goes in to bat for GWS captain Greene

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'Hard being Toby': Kingsley goes in to bat for GWS captain Greene

Adam Kingsley has leaned into the “Toby tax” sentiment in defending Toby Greene as the GWS captain faces scrutiny over high contact with Carlton’s Jordan Boyd.

Greene clashed with Boyd in a fourth-quarter marking contest as the Giants’ winning start to the AFL season was halted in a 19-point loss to Carlton at Docklands Stadium on Saturday.

Greene was leading the ball and jumped to score, twisting his body at the last second before colliding with Boyd, who was running backwards with the flight.

Boyd was hit on the head and was awarded a free kick, but he got up and apparently suffered no ill effects from the contact.

But the Giants now face a nervous wait to find out if Greene and fellow forward Jesse Hogan will be available for their next assignment against the Brisbane Lions in Canberra on Anzac Day.

Hogan will be examined for a left-handed blow to the face of Blues defenseman Lewis Young during a scuffle in the goal during the fourth quarter.

Greene has a long history of run-ins with the AFL tribunal and match review officer, but GWS coach Kingsley insisted the 221-game star does not deserve sanction for the latest incident.

“There won’t be any of that,” Kingsley said after the Giants’ loss.

“He’s allowed to challenge for the ball, right? Is he allowed to dive for the ball?

“And if you’re running and shooting for the ball, and you’ve got your eyes on the ball, and you’re trying to make a mark on the chest, and you get hit… free throw against?

“It’s hard being Toby.”

The Greene-Boyd collision drew immediate comparisons to the one that led to Essendon’s Peter Wright receiving a four-match ban.

Wright caused much more damage to his opponent, Sydney’s Harry Cunningham, who suffered a concussion.

Kingsley was direct when asked if it is difficult for players to lead the ball.

“No, just Toby,” he said.

Carlton coach Michael Voss was on the bench near the collision between Greene and Boyd, but said he had not seen a replay.

Voss praised Boyd for a strong defensive performance after he passed to Greene and held him scoreless in four touches in the second half.

“That was a really important role for us,” the coach said.

“Greene is a wonderful player, a very dangerous player… and Boydy did a great job.”


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