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Parking brakes will disappear from cars this decade as brands switch to electric

A control that has been a feature of cars for decades is fast disappearing from the latest models, according to a new market review.

It found that only 13 per cent of engines in UK showrooms today come with a manual handbrake, which will become a forgotten component in vehicles before the end of the decade.

Most of the remaining 87 percent of new cars have electronic parking brakes, which experts warn are much more expensive to repair if they fail; in fact, an average of £446 more expensive.

Putting the brakes on a car part: Only 13% of all new car models sold in the UK are fitted with a manual handbrake as brands continue to switch to electronic systems

The report is the fifth annual review of how many cars are sold with parking brakes, and the numbers have steadily declined year-over-year over the half-decade.

In 2018, online used car platform CarGurus found that more than a third (37 percent) of models across all brand ranges had a manual parking brake.

However, this has decreased each year, to 30 percent in 2019, 20 percent in 2020, and just 17 percent last year.

However, the 2022 review shows that there is no slowdown in how quickly brands drop the part from cars.

It found that familiar names, including giants BMW and Peugeot, have removed parking brakes from their current cars in the past 12 months.

Of the 38 manufacturers reviewed, 17 no longer sell cars with manual parking brakes — that’s 45 percent of brands, according to the report.

In 2018, CarGurus found that 37% of models across all makes had a manual parking brake. This has decreased each year, to 30% in 2019, 20% in 2020 and just 17% last year.

While electronic parking brakes offer easier operation for motorists and adjust automatically, they are much more expensive to repair than traditional parking brakes if something goes wrong.

The BMW X1, M230i xDrive Coupe and M4 Convertible have now been fitted with an electronic parking brake, while Peugeot has discontinued its only product with a manual handbrake, the 108 city car.

In addition, the Citroen C1 and Nissan Micra, both with a manual handbrake, have been discontinued in the UK in the last 12 months, the report highlights.

Meanwhile, Audi continues to offer a manual handbrake on just 1 per cent of its models, while Vauxhall has cut more than two in five (40 per cent) of its vehicles with a manual handbrake, with models like Combo Life and Vivaro Life facing an electric. facelift in 2022 and a switch to electronic parking brakes.

The only manufacturer to offer manual handbrakes in its UK product portfolio is Abarth, although an electric Abarth 500, based on the electric Fiat 500, will be unveiled this week without a handbrake.

Some makes, including Mercedes, also offer parking foot brakes, which are actuated by an additional lever in the pedal box, although these are becoming rarer.

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This table shows how many models each manufacturer sells with a manual parking brake. The giant brands BMW and Peugeot have been sidelined in the last 12 months.

Repairing an electronic parking brake is £446 more expensive

While electronic parking brakes offer easier operation for motorists (they engage with the push of a button and release automatically when the driver presses the accelerator) and adjust themselves, they are much more expensive to repair than parking brakes. traditional if something goes wrong.

We asked warranty provider MotorEasy to tell us the average price difference. While a manual parking brake cost an average of £220 to repair over the previous five years, the average garage receipt for repairing a faulty electronic parking brake was £666, a difference of £446.

MotorEasy’s extended warranty data also shows that more than a quarter (27 per cent) of electronic parking brake claims cost more than £1,000 to resolve, compared to 18 per cent of parking brake claims. hand manuals

The most expensive repair on his record was a £2889 bill to repair the electronic parking brake system on a Range Rover Sport.

The switch to electric vehicles at the end of the decade will eliminate the manual parking brake on new cars forever.

He added that Land Rover was the brand most commonly experiencing parking brake problems, followed by BMW.

And problems with the electronic parking brake aren’t what you’d call rare.

In 2017, Volkswagen was forced to recall 766,000 cars worldwide, of which 134,000 were UK models, due to a recurring problem with electronic parking brakes.

This affected the hugely popular Golf hatchback, Touran MPV, Tiguan SUV, and Passat family sedan and wagon.

In the same year, Tesla also issued a voluntary recall for 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles worldwide due to parking brake failure, while Audi, Renault and Toyota also had to recall models for similar issues with their electronic parking systems in the past.

While CarGurus previously predicted that the manual parking brake will survive only until 2030.

With new petrol and diesel cars banned from that date, only fully electric vehicles, and some hybrids, will be allowed to be sold in Britain. All of these will have electronic parking brakes.

However, the online platform says that the current rate at which manufacturers are removing handbrakes from model ranges means that the traditional interior part might not make it to the end of the decade.

Chris Knapman, CarGurus UK Editor, said: “The fifth installment of our Manual Parking Brake Report shows that the number of new models featuring a traditional parking brake has continued to decline.

“The discontinuation of some popular models, coupled with the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles, has contributed to the 4 percent drop in the last 12 months.”

He adds: ‘Since 2018, we have seen a 24 per cent drop in the number of new cars equipped with a manual parking brake.

“It was always likely that the expected 2030 ban on new gasoline and diesel car sales would spell the end of the manual parking brake; the question now is whether it can last until then.”

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