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Hamann’s statement: Flick should have resigned clearly.


The former Bayern professional Dietmar Hamann, who has now become the chief critic for everything to do with German football, has found clear words about national coach Hansi Flick. According to the polarizing TV expert, he should have resigned after the catastrophic performance at the World Cup in Qatar. According to Hamann, the much-noticed discussion about the rainbow tie should never have taken place to this extent.

When the German national soccer team played against Japan at the end of November last year for the start of the World Cup, the eyes were not on the line-up, but primarily on the protest action by the DFB kickers against the ban on the “One Love” bandage, which was actually sign for human rights wanted to be held in Qatar.

In the run-up to the game, the national players had repeatedly had to comment on FIFA’s decision, which was visibly uncomfortable for some kickers. To this day, TV expert Dietmar Hamann still cannot understand why it came to this. He therefore clearly criticized the DFB leadership.

This “simply hid behind the team. They left the team hanging,” Hamann explained to the colleagues from “ntv.de“.

Above all, national coach Hansi Flick would have been in demand, the 49-year-old continued. He “should have put his foot down in this armband discussion and ended it well before the game against Japan. You could have worn the armband or not. But Flick should have made a decision and stood in front of the players,” emphasized Hamann.

In the end, the whole issue “divided the cabin” because the DFB stars came to the big tournament in Qatar with very different requirements.

Hamann on Flick: “Then he should resign”

“There are 26 players in the squad, ten of whom are happy that they’re even at the World Cup. It might be their only chance to play a tournament. They don’t want anything to do with it, they want to focus on football concentrate. Then there are five or six players who don’t want to do anything for fear of sanctions. And then you have players like Manuel Neuer or Leon Goretzka who absolutely want to do something. That can tear a team apart,” explained Hamann and again complained that that Flick took no responsibility, but also counted the then national team director Oliver Bierhoff and DFB boss Bernd Neuendorf.

In any case, the fact that Bierhoff took his hat off as a consequence of the preliminary round was not enough to make the catastrophic tournament forgotten. “Flick described him as the most important contact person. But if he was so important, why is Flick so attached to his job. Then he should resign,” Hamann made clear.

But the opposite happened: Flick “had (had) to be persuaded to continue after leaving such a group without a sound. Where are we?” The 49-year-old was annoyed.

>> You can read the whole interview with the colleagues from ntv.de!

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