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Hamann shoots against Jude Bellingham: “Has no discipline”


Former national player Dietmar Hamann has sharply criticized BVB star Jude Bellingham. In his eyes, the Englishman is no longer the top performer he was a few months ago. Those responsible in Dortmund also got their fat away from the former professional.

Jude Bellingham is, as Hamann explained on “Sky” on Saturday, without question an outstanding player who brings many qualities with him. “But what he doesn’t have is discipline,” said the ex-national player, who was primarily referring to the 19-year-old’s defensive behavior.

Bellingham was “decisively involved in five or six goals conceded in the last few weeks”, criticized Hamann, who thinks: “He has to play differently. Only then can you be successful in the long run.”

The big problem according to Hamann: Bellingham enjoys the freedom of fools in Dortmund. “He can do what he wants. Nobody dares to say anything because they’re afraid of upsetting him,” said the TV expert, who described the whole situation as “a very dangerous situation”.

“As long as he [Bellingham] decides ahead games, all is well. But he hasn’t done that in the last few weeks either. It’s no good if he prepares a goal but owes two at the same time,” Hamann accused the young Englishman.

BVB boss defends Bellingham against Hamann criticism

If he thinks of a possible EUR 150 million move from Bellingham, “I would be very, very careful. Of course he is very talented, but he has to work on his discipline,” warned Hamann.

BVB sports director Sebastian Kehl did not want to let these statements stand. He explained a little later that those responsible are of course looking to talk to Bellingham. “And it’s easy to talk to him about criticism,” said Kehl, who emphasized with a view to the Englishman: “He has developed incredibly well and gives this team an incredible amount.”

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