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Hamann harshly criticizes BVB players: “They don’t think!”


BVB did it again on Saturday and missed the next through ball from Munich in the title duel with FC Bayern. This is simply unforgivable for ex-national player Dietmar Hamann.

“I’ve defended Dortmund for the past few weeks because they’ve gained nine or ten points on Bayern. They were missing important players in the cup game in Leipzig. In Munich, a mistake by Kobel changes the game… but for today I don’t understand,” Hamann criticized BVB, who carelessly threw away a victory against VfB Stuttgart that they thought was safe despite being outnumbered.

If the Swabian game showed one thing, Hamann added in his “Sky” analysis, “then that they have a head problem. That they think if they are in front and one man more, we’ll do it,” he recognized former internationals at the Dortmunders a well-known problem that seemed to have been eliminated in the meantime.

In the eyes of the TV expert, BVB acted particularly pathetically in the scene that ultimately led to 3: 3. Soumaïla Coulibaly’s fatal air hole was just the tip of the iceberg for him. “You make it 3-2 in stoppage time and then they’re man against man at the back. If there are still two minutes to play, I’ll put ten or eleven men 25 meters in front of the goal,” he criticized the behavior of the entire team.

Hamann: Too many players don’t think along at BVB

For Hamann, this scene only allows one conclusion: many BVB professionals simply lack the necessary quality. Not necessarily with the ball at your feet, but all the more without it.

“For me, they have too many players who just don’t think about what to do in the given situation,” said the ex-national player in a devastating verdict. The performance in Stuttgart was “unforgivable”, judged Hamann, who was “really speechless” about the events: “I wouldn’t have thought it possible at half-time.”

Lothar Matthäus gave a very similar assessment of Dortmund’s performance. The record champions also sharply criticized the BVB professionals and said: “Dortmund don’t accept the things that are offered to them and that’s incredible. With experience, Dortmund simply has to get through a game like this.”

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