Halide & # 39; s latest update makes switching lenses on the iPhone 11 Pro more intuitive

Halide has has released a huge iOS update which offers extensive support for the camera systems with multiple lenses on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.


The most important new feature is the "Tactile Lens Switcher", with which you can switch freely between the three lenses of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. This function can be called up by holding down the camera button next to the shutter button and then releasing it when you hover over the desired lens.

Image: Halide

This lens switcher offers few twins to the quality of life that precede it Apple's native solution. First, unlike Apple's screen overlays in the Camera app, Halide's options do not obscure the viewfinder. Instead, the button is accessible in the corner of your screen, so you won't be thrown away if you try to keep your subject in view. Speaking of framing, another useful addition is "Lens guides," which appear in the viewfinder when you switch lenses to indicate how the crop of each lens differs.

Halide says that this update also brings his Smart RAW in the range of iPhone 11 models. According to the blog post of the company, it is currently working to optimize the app's exposure logic to minimize noise in RAW files.

If you hoped that with this update you could simultaneously shoot RAW from all three lenses of the iPhone 11 Pro, you will not find it here. The reason why it is not here is complicated. However, it may appear at some point, but not without consideration. Halide's Ben Sandofsky said that implementing such a function "should switch between complex internal iOS machines, which has not been successful in the past".

This update is now live. If you don't have Halide yet, you can buy it from the App Store for $ 5.99.

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