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Hakimi’s wife, after he was accused of rape: I feel ashamed…and I will stand with the victim


The Spanish actress, Heba Abouk, the wife of Ashraf Hakimi, the star player of Paris Saint-Germain and the Moroccan national team, revealed that she will always stand by the victim, in her first direct conversation about the case of accusing the international player of rape.

The Spanish actress, Heba Abouk, pointed out that she needed time to absorb the shock, after she remained silent for a month since the French Public Prosecutor opened an investigation against her husband Hakimi on February 27, after he received a rape complaint from a girl, and a few days later an official accusation was issued. From the same public prosecutor’s office, and throughout the past period, Hakimi and his environment also kept silent.

Particular attention focused on the Spanish actress, who married Hakimi in the summer of 2019, and the mother of their two children.

Heba Abouk broke her silence through a statement published by “Al Pais” newspaper, through which she wanted to express her morale and clarify the false information being circulated about her, and said: In some sensitive topics or issues, silence can be good.

But a month after the event that turned her life upside down and the lives of their two children, she felt the need to explain her position, saying: I seek to protect my children above all, and I felt the need to talk so that I could continue my personal, public and professional life with the least possible damage and trauma.

Heba Abouk confirmed that she had severed her relationship with Hakimi, and that this decision was not due to recent events, but rather before the Paris Saint-Germain star was accused of rape, and indicated: I felt a severe blow because of the recent case, and even more so when I indulged in the process of separation after 5 years of relationship, And we made the decision to separate and stop living together, awaiting divorce proceedings. Who could have imagined that, in addition to facing the well-known pain that results from separation, and accepting the grief that results from the failure of the relationship, I had to face this shame.

And she emphasized: There remains confidence in the course of justice, especially in view of the seriousness of the accusation, and I will always be on the side of the victim.

At the end of her statement, the actress asked that her privacy, especially the privacy of her two children, be respected in light of the difficult circumstances, and she also thanked everyone who showed support, affection and respect.

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