Hair today, gone tomorrow: Gillette’s best shaving accessories are up to 45 percent off at Amazon, today only

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These Gillette deals are pretty smooth!  (Photo: Getty)

These Gillette deals are pretty smooth! (Photo: Getty)

When it comes to a close, close shave, not just any razor is enough. The prices of store-brand razors can be tempting, but you’ll definitely regret it once you deal with cuts, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.

How about entrusting your skin to a proven brand like Gillette? and save up to 44 percent in the process? Gillette razors and razors are a lot higher – and only today they are significantly discounted on Amazon!

This sale is packed with offers, but these are our picks.

Gillette Venus ComfortGlide plus Ola Coconut.  (Photo: Amazon)Gillette Venus ComfortGlide plus Ola Coconut.  (Photo: Amazon)

Gillette Venus ComfortGlide plus Ola Coconut. (Photo: Amazon)

As a die-hard fan of the Gillette Venus razor, I can attest to the silky magic of this out-of-hand wonder. Today Amazon reduced the price of a six-pack of Gillette Venus ComfortGlide Refills in Olay Coconut and white tea. This genius product combines a super-precise razor blade with built-in moisture bars, so you never have to lather first.

Their pivoting heads allow me to safely get to the most, er, hard-to-reach places. Wear your bikinis with confidence, ladies – with Gillette Venus, razor bumps and ingrown hairs will be a distant memory. And if you have “the kind of leg hair that seems like each individual follicle is shooting out a hair in its own unique direction,” like this Gillette Venus fan, do not worry. “This razor does the job and leaves a mostly smooth, soft skin with no nicks.”

$22 $26 at Amazon

Gillette5 men's razor blade refills, 12 pcs.  (Photo: Amazon)Gillette5 men's razor blade refills, 12 pcs.  (Photo: Amazon)

Gillette5 men’s razor blade refills, 12 pcs. (Photo: Amazon)

Save big on a dozen refills for one of Gillette’s most popular razors for men, the Gillette5, and give stubborn stubble the boot. Each shaving head uses five blades and a pivot point on the front to apply just the right amount of pressure and precision.

They even have a mechanism that stretches your skin as the razor glides, so you’re assured of the closest shave possible. Here’s baby soft skin at a bargain.

$17 $25 at Amazon

Gillette Sensor3 Men's Razor Refills, 8 pcs.  (Photo: Amazon)Gillette Sensor3 Men's Razor Refills, 8 pcs.  (Photo: Amazon)

Gillette Sensor3 Men’s Razor Refills, 8 pcs. (Photo: Amazon)

Today’s Daily Deal also includes 18 percent off an 8-pack of Gillette Sensor3 Razor Refills for men, who have a rock-solid fan base, including a shopper who suggests you “go to your bathroom and pick up that medieval-looking 17-blade electric vibrating razor you’re using and toss it as far into the woods as you can .” Only a life-changing razor can inspire such a passionate review, and this shopper claims the Gillette Sensor3 “shaves my dark facial hair closer than anything I’ve ever used, and I don’t even feel it.”

It could be the three-blade shaving system – with all three blades fully adjustable – or the built-in Lubrastrip that ensures you never leave the house with pieces of tissue rolled up on your face.

$14 $25 at Amazon

Gillette Venus SensitiveGillette Venus Sensitive

Gillette Venus Sensitive

If you are a disposable razor girl, switch to Gillette Venus should be your next smooth move. It includes a “moisture ribbon” (could it sound a little more soothing?) to lubricate and protect your skin and five versatile blades for the smoothest, silkiest shave possible – even over the most dangerous curves!

I like that Venus razors offer sturdy, reusable handles that are better for the environment than disposable ones,” said one fan. “I find that the 5-blade heads give a very close shave and last much longer before they need to be replaced. That makes them worth the price. This replacement pack will probably last me a full year before buying again.”

$16 $23 at Amazon

Gillette Sensor2 Plus.  (Photo: Amazon)Gillette Sensor2 Plus.  (Photo: Amazon)

Gillette Sensor2 Plus. (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon has an incredible Daily Deal on disposable razors for men, too — three packs of 10 packs…that is, 30 razors for just $17 when you apply the 29 percent discount today only. These blades are coated in chrome and built to last, and like the Gillette Venus razor for women, the Sensor2 razor also has a built-in Lubrastrip for a close, nick-free shave.

A fan complained about more expensive razors that can be gentle and effective, but “get clogged when you shave a heavy beard,” noting that with other disposable razors, “I usually use a razor twice and then throw it away.” The Sensor2 is different in that “they stay sharp enough for an acceptable shave for up to 5 or 6 shaves.”

$23 $28 at Amazon

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