Home Tech ‘Hades II’, a sequel to the horniest game of 2020, just launched early

‘Hades II’, a sequel to the horniest game of 2020, just launched early

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'Hades II', a sequel to the horniest game of 2020, just launched early

Supergiant Games delivers the keys to the underworld early. Hades IIThe sequel to the studios’ critically acclaimed roguelike, is now available to purchase for $30 on PC via Early Access at Steam and the epic games store.

Hades II Follow Melinoë, princess of the underworld and sister of the first game’s hero, Zagreus, on her journey to slay the titan Chronos. The game features a rotating cast of Greek gods, from Aphrodite to Zeus, who assist Melinoë on her journey with power-ups and special abilities. Although the version of the game that released Monday is not the complete, finished title, Supergiant will allow players who purchase it to carry over their progress to the final game. The company expects development to continue “at least until the end of 2024,” with updates every few months.

In addition to its stellar gameplay, the original hell He was also loved for his fiery gods and open sexuality; Players could court female and male characters, together, to form a trio with the right attitude. The sequel maintains at least some of that tradition with more Greek gods whose beauty is on full display.

Hades IIThe early release shouldn’t come as a total surprise. Its predecessor was released before it was fully formed in late 2018; the full version came out in 2020. “We designed the original hell for early access from scratch, and the same goes for Hades II, our first sequel,” Supergiant wrote in its announcement. “We believe everything about this game benefits from continuous feedback, from balance to storytelling.”

The game currently has more levels, enemies, and voiced characters than even the final version of the original game, Supergiant says. Key areas, characters, stories and more are still being built.

Early Access Release Follows Technical Testing by Supergiant last month, where team members played the game live. Interested players were allowed to register for the test. Hades II It has already been in development for three years. Although it is unknown when the final product will be ready, players who want the opportunity to help shape its development can do so through comments. “We hope to make many changes and improvements inspired by our player community and reflect them in our patch notes,” Supergiant wrote in a statement.

“The combination of our impressions as a development team, the feedback we hear from our player community, and the gameplay data we collect from players should help us form a more complete picture of how we can make Hades II the best it can be.”

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