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Guy Pearce posts an extraordinary letter apologizing for his tweet


Welcome everyone,

In my opinion, bringing up the issue of gender identity in the selection process on a platform like Twitter wasn’t a good idea. For that, I deeply apologize. He admitted that he had only stirred up situations and made us all understand. I take responsibility for that and again, I apologize for starting


This is a topic that needs to be discussed face to face, person to person and over a good period of time where we are all heard and understood.

It’s also a subject that I understand is complex and sensitive.

I want to take this opportunity to say that it is very clear to me that in many areas of life discrimination, which should have no place in modern society, unfortunately still thrives. In fact, my family members were subjected to various forms but every part of it was a pernicious prejudice

I understand how my question – asking “If only trans actors are allowed to play trans characters, may we also suggest that only trans actors are allowed to play trans characters?” Insensitive.

The point I wanted to make was about defending the definition of representation and nothing more. Dumping the subject on one minority in particular was superfluous, especially from a man like myself, who is privileged as a “full house.” I’m not in a position to complain in fairness, at least not on my own behalf.

I asked the question because over the 30 years now I’ve had a lot of people ask me since doing The Priscilla Show “Don’t you think gay people should play these roles?” And now many similar discussions are happening about trans actors and trans roles. It led me to think more about work as an art form and its place in the world.

Our industry is indeed a hotbed of politics, seat-funding bums, nepotism, and nepotism.

It is clear that a large number of minority communities are underrepresented on screen as well as representatives from those communities.

But I don’t think artists have to declare their personal identity, sexual preference, political stance, disability, religious beliefs, etc. in order to get work.

I think the suggestion of “acting” can only come from our own lived experience killing our imagination. I do not want this limitation to be placed on the minority representative or any representative for that matter, including myself.

What I will say though, if I’m going to play miles outside myself, that better be good. And based on that measure, I was always ready to judge, as I would hope an actor with live experience would be.

None of this is clear. But I think the art community should discuss and develop this within itself, yes, even if it involves a little ranting. God forbid politicians or press barons tell us what is acceptable.

thank you for reading. And again, I apologize for the sincerity of focusing on just one minority who was already harassed in my original tweet.

Guy Pearce

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