Gunzilla Games is a new face in the video game developer market ААА . GAMESUP42 holding.

The company is part of GAMESUP42 holding. Developers have brought together world-class professionals to change the world of computer games.

The headquarters of Gunzilla Games is located in Los Angeles (USA), and the studios are located in Kiev (Ukraine) and Frankfurt (Germany). According to the Chief Operations Officer, Gunzilla Games has a strong team of professionals from all over the world. A GAMESUP42 team has the ambition and experience to take gaming to a whole new level. On the account of team members such projects as Crysis, Watchdogs, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry3 and other famous games.

Gunzilla Games plans to launch a class AAA game on PC, PS and STEAM platforms. 

According to GAMESUP42 CEO Igor Ivchenko, Gunzilla Games holding sees an opportunity to join the elite club of international producers of AAA projects.