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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 review


Since 2014, it has been the most memorable Guardians of the Galaxy series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since director James Gunn took us on an off-the-beaten-path journey into the vast Marvel galaxies to introduce us to a group of thieves and assassins, they’ve built into one of the favorite superhero teams for many viewers. And now it is returning to its last journey, amid the readiness of the followers to bid farewell to their beloved characters in the third part, so was the farewell at a level befitting that band and its status?

after events Avengers: Infinity War And Peter Quill’s loss of the most important person in his life (Gamora), who was a victim of Thanos’ plan, the team must join forces to stand by their leader, Starlord. To overcome this psychological crisis. It wasn’t just Starlord’s problem that provided an opportunity to show the team members’ feelings more than before. The main goal of their journey in the film was to defend a member of the team from his horrific past and a threat that directly threatens his life.

It’s no secret to everyone how much James Gunn loves his characters, and this is very evident in this movie. Despite their large number, all of the team’s personalities appeared in the best possible way. Maintaining the team’s fun and chaotic spirit amidst crises and maintaining a light shade in a balanced manner that did not affect the seriousness of the situations gave an integrated experience to the viewer. Do not rule out crying at a moment of the huge amount of feelings in a number of scenes, and laughing minutes later because of Drax’s reactions or Mantis’ questions. James did not marginalize any of the characters of his previous films, but rather revealed to us new aspects of them, which reflects their wonderful development over the course of the films.

We cannot forget Gamora if we are going to talk about the Guardians and their relationship with each other, as she is one of the unknown characters in the future due to her lack of association with the team. This may cause some apprehension among the film’s viewers, but the script’s handling of the character amidst the crowd of stories and characters was perfect. The new Gamora showed how much influence the team had on its predecessor. Can Thanos’ daughter change all this in a short time?

One of the reasons the Guardians of the Galaxy series stands out from the rest in Marvel is its immersion in exotic new planets. Our beloved team’s recent outing was not without it. With excellent visual effects and at a time when superhero films suffer from low levels of effects and difficulty in mastering them. The space flight was breathtaking and full of new perspectives. With costumes, strange creatures, shapes, and sounds, this is no stranger to the series. These wonderful scenes were completed with soundtracks and selected songs that gave the beautiful addition to those scenes. And for the first time, the movie’s songs aren’t limited to the classics, after Star-Lord gets the musical instrument (Zune) From Yandu in the previous movie. This allowed for a fresh set of songs and greater comfort for the director using them.

Everyone knows that the film will focus heavily on Rocket, through the film’s marketing campaign such as the propaganda posters that always put it in the forefront. Rocket was the star of the movie by the consensus of many. And the story of his upbringing took its space from the movie and made perfect use of it. Never before in previous Marvel films have we seen such a level of sadness and melancholy towards a comic character as Rocket. The story that was told was worthy of explaining Rocket’s toughness and distrust of others throughout his life. The best dramatic scenes in the film were his, and that is due to the good script writing and the impressive voice performance of all the voice actors of the character, noting that more than one actor was used throughout the film, led by Bradley Cooper.

We talked a lot about our heroes and their glamor in the movie, but the glamor of the movie lies without its main villain character, who is played by “Chuck Oji” and is called High evolutionary. This character might be the most hated of all of Marvel’s past villains. Her motives and philosophical thinking, which have been explained to the extent required, are enough to make the viewer hate him. And for an evil character, that’s what it takes. I provided a character High evolutionary A tyrannical evil party with clear but superficial and repetitive motives. Once the viewer knows it, he will feel that he has heard it before, and this may reduce interest in it. But that does not make us forget the actor’s mastery of her and James Gunn’s provision of dialogues and situations that adequately reflect her evil.

The movie would almost get its full mark had it not been for its failure to take advantage of the film’s duration to give some of the stories and characters their due. For example, we finally got the chance to see Adam Warlock on the big screen after a six-year wait. But he didn’t get his deserved movie time. He was a victim of chaos in arranging the film’s themes and characters. The character’s appearance was dull and transparent. Adam Warlock was used merely as a tool to move the story forward and fill in some holes that Warlock made it easy for James Gunn to patch. The defect may not be in the mastery of the character by the actor “Will Poulter”, but rather we needed more time to understand it more and explain its nature. Comics readers may understand why he acts in the movie, but to the casual viewer he will be a completely incomprehensible character without any motives or identity. And Warlock wasn’t the only victim of the chaos. There are problems and side dialogues that the characters may raise at the beginning of the film without addressing them in the future due to the crowding of characters and topics that escalate more every minute of the film.

The third installment provided the perfect ending for our favorite characters. After a wonderful journey full of feelings and drama without affecting the usual spirit of comedy and light shade. However, the film fails to distribute the time on its sub-topics, which led to the disparity in the importance of presenting some of them and not exploiting one of the most expected characters to appear.

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