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GTA Online is making its worst vehicle twice as expensive, but players say that’s the wrong way to go – WhatsNew2Day


On April 27th, 2023, GTA Online will be price-adjusting a whole range of vehicles and planes.

She is very popular, but at least as hated: The Oppressor Mk2 is one of the most powerful vehicles of GTA Onlinewhich makes them correspondingly popular with griefers. After all, it is a flying rocket motorbike that shoots homing rockets.

Now Rockstar Games has announced a significant change for the Oppressor Mk2: a price increase. From April 27, 2024, the good piece should cost almost twice as much:

  • current price: 2,925,000 to 3,890,250 GTA dollars
  • Price after the increase: 8,000,000 GTA dollars

Does a higher price solve the real problem?

This decision is viewed critically by players: On Reddit and Twitter many fans argue that this does not solve the actual problem.

The Oppressor Mk2 is considered extremely powerful, even after a nerf that weakened the accuracy of the homing missiles. Although the price is sporty, it is not an obstacle for experienced players and, if the worst comes to the worst, in-game currency can also be purchased with real money.

In addition, players chalk up the fact that many already own the Oppressor Mk2 at the current time. In their eyes, adjusting the price afterwards is much more like a drop of water on a hot stone.

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However, the community should perhaps be patient: In the official blog post Rockstar announces that select aircraft are currently being considered for potential balance adjustments. The possibility that the Oppressor Mk2 will be nerfed a second time cannot be ruled out.

More price adjustments in GTA Online

The Oppressor Mk2 isn’t the only vehicle from GTA Online that’s priced after the fact. Some cars and planes are becoming cheaper, but others are also becoming more expensive. Rockstar communicates that the new price should better reflect the potential, usefulness and value of the respective vehicle.

These vehicles will be cheaper from April 27th

These vehicles will be more expensive from April 27th

What do you think of the price adjustments for vehicles and planes in GTA Online? Do the changes make sense in your eyes or could you do without them with a clear conscience? What changes and improvements would you like to see in GTA Online in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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