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GTA Online appears to be nearing the end of its life on PS4 and Xbox One! | -WhatsNew2Day


Rockstar continues to support GTA Online with additional content and events on previous generation PS4 and Xbox One. But it seems that we are about to end the company’s support for the game on these platforms.

With the improvement of PS5 sales, which began to witness a crazy escalation since the beginning of this year, Sony recorded a 400% growth in the global sales rate of the device. This may cause Rockstar to abandon support for GTA Online on previous platforms and focus mainly on the new generation.

This is what the famous leaker suggests Tez2 Who monitored several updates coming to the game servers since last week. This leaker can access some information through his own sources and experiences in tracking Rockstar news and games. According to him, he believes that Rockstar is preparing to update the game in order to move to the new generation completely.

Historically, this does not seem strange to Rockstar, which continued to support the game GTA Online on PS3 and Xbox 360 to a certain extent after updating the game to the next generation at the time. Not long after, it announced that it would stop supporting it on these platforms. Today, it may be time to cut off the game’s updates to the previous generation, especially after a version dedicated to the new generation became available and its fan base expanded.

Also, Rockstar is preparing to release its next game, GTA 6, which is supposed to be dedicated to the new generation PS5 and Xbox Series, and there may be proactive steps to update its servers with the launch of the new online phase.

In any case, the entire community is now awaiting the announcement of the next game from Rockstar, which has been officially confirmed to be under development for a long time. While the community is preparing to get the first teaser look at the game during this year, according to the expectations of many analysts.

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