Gruesome moment woman, 18, is turned off & # 39; because she looks like a lesbian & # 39; in Russia

Horrifying moment woman, 18, is turned off by homophobic criminal after the group has attacked her and her friends for their & # 39; lesbian appearance & # 39; in a cafe in St. Petersburg

  • Yekaterina Lysikh, 18, walked hand in hand with a friend in Russia
  • Group of seven teenage boys addressed them because they looked like lesbians & # 39;
  • Boys threatened the women before Lysikh ran to the group to defend her friends
  • One was caught on CCTV who slapped her face and knocked her over

This is the horrible moment when an 18-year-old Russian woman was knocked to the ground because she looked like a lesbian & # 39 ;.

Yekaterina Lysikh walked with her friend's hand in St Petersberg on Monday when the group was the target of a group of seven teenage boys.

Mrs. Lysikh and her friends were followed to a nearby café after the boys asked them: & are you lesbians? & # 39;

Yekaterina Lysikh, 18, (pictured on the front and in the middle, with her back to the camera) was beaten unconscious in a cafe in St. Petersberg after a group of boys asked her & are you a lesbian? & # 39 ;

Once in the cafe, the boys threatened the group and demanded their phones and wallets, according to local media.

CCTV recorded the moment when Mrs. Lysikh ran to the group in an attempt to defend her friends and chase three of them out of the store.

She sees her exchanging strokes with one of the boys who tries to kick her twice before she flees while throwing something at him.

While Mrs. Lysikh turns around to go back to her friends, a fifth boy slaps her maliciously in the side of the head, causing her to fall to the ground.

He then runs away with the rest of his friends.

Mrs. Lysikh had to be taken to the hospital where she was treated for a concussion and bruising on her face, and needed stitches on her lip.

Mrs. Lysikh ran to the group to defend her friends after they had threatened them and tried to grab their phones before they were maliciously hit in the side of the head

The 18-year-old had to be taken to the hospital with a concussion, a cut on her lip that required stitches and bruises on her face

Police arrested four of the group on Wednesday, according to the local newspaper Fontanka.

A boy named only as Denis who is in seventh grade – meaning he is probably between 12 and 14 years old – was accused of serious physical injury.

Another two – 16-year-old student Vladislav and 19-year-old Nikita Kovalev without work – were accused of the same crime.

The fourth, who was not identified, will stand trial as a witness.

The police said the three accused boys had admitted that they did not like the way Mrs. Lysikh and her boyfriend held each other's hands.

Since then, four boys have been arrested – three of whom have been accused of serious physical injury and a fourth who will stand trial as witnesses

Russia has been repeatedly criticized by world leaders and rights groups for its anti-LGBT policies.

In 2013, Putin infamously signed the & # 39; gay propaganda legislation & # 39; of the country banning material promoting & # 39; homosexuality & # 39; and said it was to protect children.

Moscow has also been repeatedly accused of ignoring the abuse of LGBT people both at home and among allies.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Kremlin-appointed leader of the Russian republic of Chechnya, has been accused of detaining people suspected of being homosexual in camps.

At the beginning of the year, the Russian LGBT network said about 40 people were imprisoned because they were gay and two of them died under torture.

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