Grieving mum EXHUMES her daughter's corpse in Melbourne: Peter Tziotzis

A grieving mother has her daughter’s body EXHUMED in Australia to discover gold jewelry and a diamond ring missing, after the funeral director refuses to open the coffin.

  • Funeral director Peter Tziotzis charged with stealing jewelry from corpse
  • Mr. Tziotzis arranged an open casket and embalming service for Helen Moraitis
  • Helen’s mother, Teresa, gave Mr. Tziotzis jewelry and clothing to bury her.
  • When the funeral was held in August, he refused to open Helen’s coffin.
  • Teresa exhumed her daughter’s body and found her outfit and jewelry missing
  • Police arrested Tziotzis and raided his funeral home. He later he was released

Funeral director Peter Tziotzis, 52, has denied the allegations.

A grieving mother who buried her daughter five months ago has exhumed her body, suspecting that funeral home staff stole the expensive jewelry she was buried with.

Teresa Moraitis, 82, gave $10,200 to Melbourne Orthodox Funeral Services so that her adult daughter Helen, 56, could have a traditional Greek open casket service with full embalming in August.

But after authorities gave her special permission to open the coffin, she found the gold chain and locket she was supposed to be buried with, along with two bracelets and a diamond ring, all missing.

Morgue staff were also distraught to discover that Helen was naked, unembalmed and stuffed in a blue body bag, with the coffin lining torn off and one of her arms forced behind her head.

Normally, the deceased’s hands are respectfully placed on his chest or abdomen.

There were also mortuary instruments next to her.

Melbourne Funeral director Peter Tziotzis, 52, was confronted on TV cameras this week over the allegations before being arrested and later released.

He has denied any involvement and Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting he did anything wrong.

Heartbroken Mother Teresa Moraitis (Pictured), 82, Paid For An Open Casket Service And Embalming For Her Daughter Helen Moraitis, Who Died Earlier This Year.

Heartbroken mother Teresa Moraitis (pictured), 82, paid for an open casket service and embalming for her daughter Helen Moraitis, who died earlier this year.

On the day of the funeral, Helen’s casket was kept closed despite the request for the open casket service.

Tziotzis claimed that the coroner ordered him at the time to keep it closed.

“I was screaming and crying,” Teresa told A Current Affair on Monday.

“I wanted to see my daughter and all my relatives wanted to say goodbye.”

The Moraitis family called the coroner’s office the day after the funeral to ask why the casket was closed. The coroner stated that no such order had been made.

Teresa then made the difficult decision to exhume her daughter’s remains from the above-ground mausoleum at Lilydale Memorial Park.

“The deceased is quite decomposed and has not been prepared in any way,” Melbourne Mortuary embalmer Sofiya Bouabdulla said during the exhumation.

Teresa Had Arranged The Service And Embalming With Peter Tziotzis, Who Operates Orthodox Funeral Services, Giving Him Expensive Jewelry And Clothing To Bury His Daughter With.

Teresa had arranged the service and embalming with Peter Tziotzis, who operates Orthodox funeral services, giving him expensive jewelry and clothing to bury his daughter with.

When Teresa Had Her Daughter'S Body Exhumed, Both The Outfit And Jewelry Were Found To Be Missing.

When Teresa had her daughter’s body exhumed, both the outfit and jewelry were found to be missing.

But Tziotzis has denied the accusations against him.

“I want you to call the coroner’s office and find out why they were the ones who took care of her,” Tziotzis said when confronted by a current affair.

Police raided the Wheelers Hill home of Mr. Tziotzis and his funeral home in Oakleigh South.

Detectives allege they found and confiscated clothing and jewelry lost during the salon raid.

Mr. Tziotzis was arrested but later released without charge.

Police said their investigations are ongoing.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Mr Tziotzis and Orthodox Funeral Services for comment.

A new funeral will be held for Helen on Tuesday.

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