Grid Legends launching February 25, new features detailed

How does it feel to race the best cars in the world, on iconic streets and tracks, while dodging crashes and breathtaking moments around every corner? Well, in a few months you’ll be able to find out…

The whole team here at EA and Codemasters are so excited to announce today that Grid Legends is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 25, 2022 – and you can pre-order it right now on PlayStation Store. Head there for all the details on everything coming your way, including bonus content for pre-ordering and a Deluxe Edition option for more add-ons, both on launch day and beyond.

Oh, and make sure to follow Grid Legends on PlayStation too, to make sure you get all the latest news, gameplay and more content straight to your console, as we’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks.

Race in the moment

Well, that’s for the future. We are now ready to give you more details about what makes Grid Legends a truly unique racing experience – starting with a simple question. When you play an exciting and fun game, what do you remember most about it? Usually it’s those unforgettable moments ­– those magical moments when the drama kicks in, the danger heightens and the element of surprise creates something you want to tell the world about.

The great thing about Grid Legends is that it’s designed to deliver those great moments race after race, time and time again. Of course in those moments you play your part: get behind the wheel of more than 100 of the world’s greatest machines and compete for victory against 21 other drivers, on more than 130 beautiful routes. Intense pack racing is what the Grid franchise is all about, and Grid Legends takes it up a notch. However, that’s just the beginning of how this racer consistently delivers those epic moments.

Thanks to hundreds of AI personalities, each with their nuances and differences, and a racing choreographer working behind the scenes to conjure up some shocks, you never know what’s around the corner in Grid Legends. Be ready to peer through the smoke of an engine blowout right in front of you. Keep an eye out for a car that takes to the skies after shredding a tire. Beware of aggressive AI personalities who plan to outrun you after you trade paints with them before. Everywhere you look in a Grid Legends race, unpredictability and drama unfold. That means more surprises and more of those unforgettable racing moments.

Spectacular race variant

What also helps create those consistent examples of enjoyment is the sheer variety of experiences on offer in Grid Legends. The Codemasters team has used their decades of knowledge of racing games to pack in more cars, locations and ways of play than we’ve ever seen in this franchise.

Prepare for the loud pedal in everything from hypercars to large platforms, single-seaters, drift legends, iconic prototypes and stadium trucks. Enjoy a wide selection of event types, including the thrilling Eliminator, thrilling Boost races, and the return of stylish sideways drift runs. Hosting those vehicles and events is a huge array of global venues, ranging from revered real-world racetracks like Indianapolis, Suzuka, and Red Bull Ring, to unique street courses like the new routes in London and Moscow, or even the new sprawling, fast-paced Strada Alpina. Hundreds of curated events in multiple modes await you, with striking combinations of all this content – but we didn’t want to stop there.

With Grid Legends’ Race Creator, you can take all this variety and pour it into your own unique and awesome events. Tear up the rules of racing and design something you couldn’t play anywhere else, mastering all the important aspects of an event. Want to put together a real motorsports challenge by putting our fastest GTs in a 50-lap race around Indy? Go for it. Fancy something more…out there? How about electric hypercars against huge platforms, through the streets of London, in the snow? You’ve got it! Just think of the chaotic and exciting moments you will be a part of through the Race Creator.

We’ll have a lot more to share about what’s coming in Grid Legends soon, including new information about the groundbreaking virtual production story Driven to Glory, the massively expanded Career, and new online features that make multiplayer racing more exciting than ever. However, all of these features come into their own thanks to that action-packed, edge-of-the-seat racing gameplay that you feel every time you put rubber down on the track. We can’t wait to see you create and experience those racing moments on February 25th.