Greta Thunberg makes a 15-day carbon-free trip to New York City

Teenage climate sensation Greta Thunberg has come to New York City after her 15-day yacht trip from Plymouth, England.


After getting out to a cheering crowd in Lower Manhattan, Thunberg opened one press conference saying, "Well, all this is overwhelming."

“The trip was surprisingly good. I didn't feel seasick once, & Thunberg said.

Thunberg made the voyage across the Atlantic to attend a United Nations climate summit that took place in September – and she did it without leaving an ecological footprint. She traveled aboard the Malizia II, which has its own solar panels and hydroelectric power stations to power the yacht. (Her journey has fueled something criticism for the associated emissions because others will fly to New York to bring the yacht back to Europe, although those flights are reportedly compensated.)

Sixteen-year-old Thunberg has urged students around the world to fight for the climate. She started skipping school to protest climate inactivity outside the Swedish parliament in August 2018. Since then, tens of thousands of young people have participated in the movement, walking out of class on coordinated & # 39; Fridays for the future & # 39 ;.

Thunberg has become a leading figure among young involved activists that they are the victims of the climate crisis that has been caused generations before them. Thunberg realized the future ahead of her and told the Manhattan crowd that she was depressed when she was 11 years old. "I came out of that depression by promising that I will do everything I can to change things. I started going to marches and demonstrations," Thunberg said.

Thunberg said she would miss the "peace and quiet" she had sailed across the Atlantic, but is looking forward to being dry and eating food that is not freeze-dried after two weeks at sea. She has another trip for her later this year: traveling to Santiago, Chile by bus, train and boat for a new United Nations climate conference in December.


In the meantime, she is preparing for the UN summit in New York in September. She told the assembled crowd that she intended "to ensure that world leaders have all eyes on them during this conference – so that they cannot continue to ignore this."