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Greenacre driver reportedly behind crash in Hijab House who was involved in a similar incident earlier in the year

A new twist in the crash of an Islamic fashion store, as it is revealed that the driver had done something VERY similar a few months ago when his lawyer tried to claim he was ‘unconscious’ at the time of the accident

A driver behind the crash of a Muslim fashion store in the west of Sydney is said to have been involved in a similar incident earlier this year.

Sabry Moustafa Nassar, 51, was in court on Saturday after crashing into the Hijab House in Greenacre on Thursday.

The court heard that Nassar has also been charged after he was reportedly involved in a similar incident in Lakemba in January.

Magistrate Holly Kemp noted that the violation found “predatory or deliberate behavior.”

“The material before me, in my opinion, concerns two similar incidents in a short period of time and is a serious example of this alleged offense,” said magistrate Kemp.

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