Greedy Premier League clubs in new Forbes Most Valuable Sports Teams list


Five Premier League clubs that signed up for the doomed European Super League last month have been named in the top 50 most valuable sports teams of 2021.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are all included the new list published by Forbes but none are in the top 10 and the list is dominated by NFL and NBA franchises.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic devastating the finances of most sports organizations, the average value of the top 50 sports teams in the world is said to have risen 9.9 percent over the past 12 months to $ 3.4 billion (£ 2.4 billion). billion).

Just one place behind United is rival Liverpool at $ 4.1 billion (£ 2.9 billion).

Manchester United and Liverpool are the two highest ranked Premier League clubs in Forbes’ list of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world

The ratings Forbes has placed on the five Premier League clubs – as well as Real Madrid and Barcelona – will heighten anger over their doomed plans to launch a European Super League last month.

Furious protests from supporters, players, managers and experts eventually led to nine of the 12 founders leaving the competition, but Real, Barcelona and Juventus still cling to the idea.

The brains behind the European Super League argued that it would increase the revenues of the top clubs in Europe and allow them to distribute more money across the rest of the game.

However, UEFA, other teams and fan organizations were convinced that it would only increase the power and wealth of elite clubs.

Last week, nine of the 12 founders agreed to a peace deal with UEFA and accepted a multimillion-pound fine, but European football’s governing body insisted that Real, Barcelona and Juventus face sanctions.

Liverpool owner John Henry wanted his club to be part of the new league

The Glazers have faced fierce backlash from United fans since the Super League plans came out

The Forbes ratings will heighten anger towards the doomed European Super League

To measure the value and growth of each team, Forbes takes’ published valuations for each sport over the past six months, calculated from revenue and operating income adjusted for revenue sharing ‘and includes’ the economics of the arena deal. of each team, but not the value of the property itself. ‘

The top 50 list consists of 26 NFL teams, nine from the NBA, nine soccer teams, and six MLB franchises.

Manchester United are the highest-rated Premier League side in 11th place with a valuation of $ 4.2 billion (£ 2.96 billion), sitting just one place ahead of rival Liverpool at $ 4.1 billion (£ 2.89 billion).

Manchester City, elected to the Premier League, ranks on a par with the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams in 13th place with $ 4 billion (£ 2.82 billion).

Chelsea ranks 25th with the NFL's Denver Broncos and the NBA's Boston Celtics with a valuation of $ 3.2 billion (£ 2.3 billion).

Chelsea ranks 25th with the NFL’s Denver Broncos and the NBA’s Boston Celtics with a valuation of $ 3.2 billion (£ 2.3 billion).

Meanwhile, their Champions League final rival Chelsea are ranked 25th alongside the NFL’s Denver Broncos and the NBA’s Boston Celtics with a valuation of $ 3.2 billion (£ 2.26 billion).

Arsenal are the lowest Premier League side, ranking 38th with a value of $ 2.8 billion (£ 1.98 billion).

Those positions are a marked increase for the English teams, with the exception of Man United, who are down one place.

Manchester City are up 21 places from the same ranking published 12 months ago, while Chelsea are up 12 and Arsenal are up nine.

Thanks to their Premier League success in 2020, Liverpool have not even moved to a high position in the top 50 last year.

The owners of two Premier League have other teams on the list as well.

Arsenal chief Stan Kroenke’s Los Angeles Rams suit Man City, while the Boston Red Sox, also owned by Liverpool’s Fenway Sports Group, are worth $ 3.47 billion (£ 2.45 billion).

A notable absentee from the list is the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The NFL franchise, like Manchester United, is owned by the Glazer family, but they couldn’t find a place in the top 50 despite Tom Brady leading them to the Vince Lombardi Trophy in February.

Premier League champions Manchester City are on par with the NFL's Los Angeles Rams in 13th place with $ 4 billion (£ 2.8 billion)

Arsenal is the lowest Premier League side, ranked 38th with a value of $ 2.8 billion (£ 2 billion)

Both Manchester City and Arsenal are in the top 50 but also wanted to participate in the Super League

Despite their huge debts and financial woes, the Spanish giants Barcelona are in fourth place Real Madrid just behind – each valued at just over $ 4.7 billion (£ 3.3 billion).

Bayern Munich are the third highest ranked football team in the list behind Real and Barcelona, ​​with the Bundesliga giants in 10th place with $ 4.21 billion (£ 2.979 billion).

Defeated Champions League semi-finalist Paris Saint-Germain also makes the top 50, coming in at No. 43 with a valuation of $ 2.5 billion (£ 1.76 billion).

There is no sign of Tottenham, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan or Atletico Madrid in the top 50, all of which were founders of the European Super League.

However, the American sport continues to dominate the rankings, with NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys at No. 1 with a value of $ 5.7 billion (£ 4 billion).

American sports dominate the top 50 NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys list at No. 1 again

American sports dominate the top 50 NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys list at No. 1 again

In second place is MLB’s New York Yankees for $ 5.25 billion (£ 3.7 billion) and NBA’s New York Knicks round out the top three with $ 5 billion (£ 3.5 billion).

The Golden State Warriors (£ 3.32 billion), Los Angeles Lakers (£ 3.2 billion), New England Patriots (£ 3.1 billion) and New York Giants (£ 3 billion) complete the top 10.

“The top 50 earning teams consist of just four sports, which indicates which leagues have been most successful in deriving value from their intellectual property,” said Mike Ozanian, Forbes assistant editor-in-chief.

“Media rights are still the biggest determinant of the representation of any league in the top 50 list.”


1. Dallas Cowboys (NFL, £ 4 billion)

2. New York Yankees (MLB, £ 3.7 billion)

3. New York Knicks (NBA, £ 3.5 billion)

4 Barcelona (LaLiga, £ 3.36 billion)

5. Real Madrid (LaLiga, £ 3.35 billion)

6. Golden State Warriors (NBA, £ 3.32 billion

7. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA, £ 3.2 billion)

8. New England Patriots (NFL, £ 3.1 billion)

9. New York Giants (NFL, £ 3 billion)

10. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga, £ 2.97 billion)

Manchester United (Premier League, £ 2.96 billion)

12. Liverpool (Premier League, £ 2.89 billion)

Los Angeles Rams (NFL, £ 2.82 billion)

= Manchester City (Premier League, £ 2.82 billion)

15. San Francisco 49ers (NFL, £ 2.6 billion)

Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB, £ 2.52 billion)

17. New York Jets (NFL, £ 2.51 billion)

18. Chicago Bears (NFL, £ 2.49 billion)

19. Washington Football Team (NFL, £ 2.47 billion)

20. Boston Red Sox (MLB, £ 2.45 billion)

21. Philadelphia Eagles (NFL, £ 2.4 billion)

22. Chicago Cubs (MLB, £ 2.37 billion)

23. Houston Texans (NFL, £ 2.33 billion)

= Chicago Bulls (NBA, £ 2.33 billion)

25. Denver Broncos (NFL, £ 2.26 billion)

= Boston Celtics (NBA, £ 2.26 billion)

= Chelsea (Premier League, £ 2.26 billion)

28. San Francisco Giants (MLB, £ 2.24 billion)

29. Las Vegas Raiders (NFL, £ 2.2 billion)

30. Seattle Seahawks (NFL, £ 2.17 billion)

31. Green Bay Packers (NFL, £ 2.15 billion)

32. Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL, £ 2.12 billion)

33. Baltimore Ravens (NFL, £ 2.1 billion)

34 Minnesota Vikings (NFL, £ 2.08 billion)

35. Miami Dolphins (NFL, £ 2.05 billion)

36. Atlanta Falcons (NFL, £ 2.03 billion)

37. Indianapolis Colts (NFL, £ 2 billion)

38. Arsenal (Premier League, £ 1.98 billion)

39. Los Angeles Clippers (NBA, £ 1.94 billion)

40. Brooklyn Nets (NBA, £ 1.87 billion)

41 Los Angeles Chargers (NFL, £ 1.83 billion)

42. Carolina Panthers (NFL, £ 1.8 billion)

43. Kansas City Chiefs (NFL, £ 1.76 Billion)

= Houston Rockets (NBA, £ 1.76 billion)

= PSG (Ligue 1, £ 1.76bn)

46. ​​New Orleans Saints (NFL, £ 1.75 billion)

47. Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL, £ 1.73 Billion)

= New York Mets (MLB, £ 1.73 billion)

= Dallas Mavericks (NBA, £ 1.73 billion)

50. Cleveland Browns (NFL, £ 1.66 billion)