Great Birthday Gift Ideas You Should Consider For Her 40th Birthday


When a lady is approaching forty, she is surer of her life priorities and life direction.  She is more willing to step out of her comfort zone and make a change in her current life to align with her life priorities.

She also begins to treasure the things that she has, instead of her younger days, focusing on the things she does not have and chasing after the material stuff or titles that the society dictates as important and honorable.  This is the time where she will spend more time on self-care and take on hobbies that make her happy and interest her.

This shift has a great impact on the type of gift that you will choose for her and the below list of gifts for her is compiled based on this shift, breakdown by hobbies as this will be her focus in forty and onwards. For more 40th birthday gift ideas, check out here.

Depending on her hobby, you can consider the following:

Wine Appreciation

Enjoy finer things in life is one of her main focus as this is her well deserved treat.  After spending a good ten plus years carving out her career or running her business, it’s the time now to take a step back and enjoy the fruits of her labor.  There are many birthday gift ideas to consider for the wine lover.   

For ladies who are keen to try out new wine regularly and increase their knowledge of wine, buying her a membership is ideal.  A great gift for wife turning 40, she gets one or two bottles of carefully selected wine delivered to her doorstep, which contains the wine card of the origin and wine pairing with food.  This makes a fantastic gift because both of you can have a fixed a couple of time over drinks.

Wine lovers who love to host gatherings at their home and enjoy a good bottle of wine will love having a new decanter set complete with wine glasses.  This is a great addition to their bar counter.  You may make the gift more unique by personalizing it with her name or your birthday wishes for her.


Trying out new and healthier recipes is one great way to pass her free time and unleash her creativity.  It is also practical as she can have healthier home-cooked food. She can arrange bonding sessions with her friends over the dishes that she cooked.  She will adore new cooking pots and pans or plates and cutleries set. A food gift basket which includes condiments and sauces are the perfect gift as well.


The active forty goers will spend large amounts of their time in the gym or outdoor for their frequent endorphins release.  Workouts make great stress busters. Sporty ladies welcome gifts related to their workouts. The gift to buy depends on the workouts that they do, be it yoga, workouts in gym, fitness dance classes and so on.

We hope the above list will assist you in buying the perfect gift for the forty-year-old woman.