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Grant Shapps reveals what life is like with Ukrainian refugee family


‘It’s an extended family’: Grant Shapps reveals what life is like for a Ukrainian refugee family who have been living in their son’s old bedroom with their pet dog for almost a year after they fled to Britain to escape the Putin’s troops

  • Grant Shapps said it was “sobering” to welcome Ukrainian refugees into his home
  • He welcomed the family in April last year and says they have become like ‘family’

Grant Shapps called it a “sobering” experience to live with a refugee family for 10 months as the war against Russia continues.

Last year, Shapps was the second MP to welcome Ukrainian refugees into his home, as thousands fought with the Home Office in a bid to reach the UK.

The Conservative MP welcomed a seven-year-old boy, his mother and grandmother to their Hertfordshire home, who have now become something of a ‘family’.

Talking with sky newsShapps said being part of the scheme had impacted the way he discusses refugee support with the cabinet.

He told the publication: “I found it very useful because every time we discuss what is happening in Ukraine, in the Cabinet, in the back of my mind or when I get home, I am reminded of the reality of the policies and what actually means.

The cabinet minister also added that he felt the British had many similarities to the Ukrainians based on their experience with the Blitz.

Mother Snezhana Chaykina moved into the Shapps home in April last year, leaving her husband in Ukraine.

The family posted on Facebook asking about the Homes for Ukraine scheme which was reportedly picked up by the Tory MP’s daughter.

After the arrangements, Shapps tweeted: “Today we are delighted to welcome a three-generation Ukrainian family, along with their dog Max, to live with us in our home.”

“As your country goes through the turmoil of Putin’s war, our country stands resolutely with the people of Ukraine.”

Ten months later, Shapps now says that they have become very close, having dinner together and everyone participating in the chores.

The ‘three generation’ family is currently staying in the room of Shapps’ son, who was then studying at university.

Seven-year-old Nikita also attends a local school in the area.

Grant Shapps said it was “sobering” to welcome a family of Ukrainian refugees into his home.

Despite the impact of the scheme, Shapps stressed that it has not changed his perspective on small ships arriving in the UK with refugees.

He added: “It is absolutely correct that stopping small boats is one of our top priorities.”

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