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Grandmother from the UK, who had adopted a stray pit bull at her residence in Spain, was cautioned and later on, fatally attacked by the same canine.


A British grandmother who was killed by a stray bull she adopted into her Spanish home has been warned by a veterinarian not to take her because it is dangerous, police reveal.

  • Anne Shields, 67, died after being suddenly rescued by her pit bull Chosie
  • She died in hospital after suffering “catastrophic” injuries to the head and arm

Spanish police revealed that a British gran who was killed by a stray dog ​​was warned by a veterinarian not to take care of him because it was dangerous.

The police confirmed that they had identified the owner of the stray dogs and were investigating him on suspicion of unintentional murder.

Ann Shields, 67, took the dog to her vacation home after finding him starving, but was left with “catastrophic” head and arm injuries after he turned on her four days later.

The police had to shoot the animal to save Anne’s former security guard but she died in the hospital.

FRI Police Detectives today/yesterday said in their first official statements that the owner of the dog has been identified despite the lack of an electronic chip.

Anne Shields, 67 (pictured) died after sustaining ‘catastrophic’ injuries when the bull she rescued suddenly turned on her

Mrs. Shields is attacked by the dog, whom she names Chosie, at her holiday home in Spain.  I took him astray and starved

Mrs. Shields is attacked by the dog, whom she names Chosie, at her holiday home in Spain. I took him astray and starved

They also confirmed that he was banned from owning bulls and other dogs classified as “dangerous” in Spain due to previous offenses.

He was described as a 35-year-old Spaniard but his name has not been released by investigators.

A spokesperson for the Valencia Civil Guard near Anne’s property in Macastre said: ‘The Civil Guard is investigating the owner of a dog that attacked a woman in Maccastre in February and ended up dying as a result of her injuries.

The 67-year-old British victim was taken to hospital after officers killed the animal with their weapons so they could help her due to the animal’s aggressiveness.

She died a day after being admitted to the hospital from injuries to her arms.

The victim found the animal in an acute state of malnutrition and showing clear signs of abandonment, with illnesses such as canine mange, four days before its life ended.

She was warned by the vet who saw the animal as dangerous and that she should not take him but she ignored the warnings.

Detectives launched an investigation to identify the dog’s owner after discovering it did not have a microchip.

They took 15 statements from different people and obtained photos showing the animal, which was about two years old, at different stages of its life.

The man who is now under investigation, as well as some of his relatives, recognized the animal when they were shown the images obtained.

He is known to the police and was not allowed to own these types of dogs under current Spanish legislation because of his past.

The officers also discovered that he owned dogs with similar characteristics without the necessary safeguards and care.

The detectives conducted an investigation of his home and noted the places where the dog could have escaped, as the suspect recognized in his statement.

He is a 35-year-old Spaniard who has been formally questioned and charged with manslaughter and another offense against pets for abandoning a dog deemed dangerous.

A local investigative judge has now taken up an ongoing criminal investigation into the February 24 incident.

Ann had called the dog Choccy after taking him in. Neighbors raised the alarm after hearing her screams when she was attacked.

Following the death of her widowed mother, her daughter Sarah, 43, of Preston, said: ‘She was an animal lover and couldn’t bear the thought of throwing Shusei back onto the streets.

It was never her intention to keep the dog, but all the animal shelters were full.

She took care of him until she found someone who could take him.

I stuck with it and then this happened. It’s a nightmare.’

Pit bulls are prohibited in the UK but not in Spain where a license is required to own one.

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