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Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.35 adds 3 exciting new cars, GT Café Menus, and more – out today


Gran Turismo players! The 1.35 update for Gran Turismo 7 arrives today June 28 at 11pm PDT* / June 29 at 7am BST / 3pm JST.

Introduction of 3 new cars

1687958370 27 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

Aston Martin Valkyrie ’21
A uniquely shaped hypercar with F1-derived aerodynamics.

Aston Martin is one of the UK’s best-loved manufacturers of luxury sports cars. This hypercar, the Valkyrie, is the result of their nearly 110 years of experience in the field combined with the expertise of F1 constructor Red Bull Racing. The design started with an idea for an innovative road car, conceived by Red Bull Racing’s designer and aerodynamics expert Adrian Newey. Newey presented his proposal to Aston Martin, where he made contact with their chief designer Marek Reichman. In 2016, the project started in earnest as ‘AM-RB 001’. Developed under the code name AM-RB 001, the car was first unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show along with its official name, the Valkyrie.

Production versions of the Valkyrie were first seen in 2021 and took the form of a uniquely shaped hypercar integrating F1-derived aerodynamics with Aston Martin’s design language. The high nose of the car is fitted with an under-slung wing and provides powerful downforce through the Venturi tunnels running under the body. Between them is the teardrop-shaped cockpit where the driver and passenger sit with their feet up in the style of a formula car. The carbon fiber bodywork has been extensively lightened, with even the Aston Martin badge on the nose reduced to a piece of aluminum 70 microns thick. As a result, the car weighs around 1,000 kg, giving an astonishing power-to-weight ratio of 1.01 kg/hp.

Hard-mounted at the rear of the cab is the hybrid powerplant, a Cosworth 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 engine with KERS (kinetic energy recovery system). The total power of the system is 1,140 hp, which allows the car to compete even with racing machines of the highest category. The Valkyrie was first available in a limited run of 150 coupé models, which sold out almost immediately despite the price tag of over £2 million. The coupé was followed by the Le Mans-style ‘AMR pro’ competition model and an open-top ‘Spider’ model. This pinnacle of performance is notable as one of the first hypercars to reach the level of an LMP1 machine.

1687958371 585 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III GSR ’95
Improved aerodynamics and cooling make for the ultimate first wave ‘Evo’.

The Lancer Evolution was launched in September 1992. Starting with the compact body of the commercial Lancer sedan and adding Mitsubishi mechanisms used only on the WRC-grade Galant VR-4, the Lancer Evolution became a rally-oriented car. At the heart of this car was the 4G63, a turbocharged 2.0 L DOHC inline-4 engine, already producing 246.5 hp and 31.5 kgfm of torque at the time of its debut. With overwhelming traction and power on all four wheels, it was already much faster than any other model in its class.

A year after its creation, in December 1993, the upgraded Lancer Evolution II was unveiled, with an increased maximum power to 256.4 hp. The tires were also replaced with 205/60R15 and adjustments were made to the wheelbase and profile size. Around this time, it was famously nicknamed “Lan-Evo” by the Japanese fans. Another evolution took place in January 1995.

The 3rd generation, called Lancer Evolution III, saw the exterior drastically changed to improve aerodynamic performance. With a larger opening in the front bumper and a larger rear spoiler, it now had the powerful appearance of a vehicle aimed at competition. The compression ratio of the 4G63 powerplant was increased to 9.0, improving maximum power to 266.3 hp. Detailed changes and improvements were also made to the suspension, and these changes significantly improved both engine performance and agility. At the time, the base Lancer model was about to undergo a full model change, and it was rumored at the time that the Evo III could, in fact, be the last Evo.

1687958372 93 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi ’04
2nd generation Impreza developed alongside the rally spec model.

Only a year after the release of the radical Spec C, in November 2002, a facelift was already implemented in the Impreza series. Although loved by many, the previous round headlights proved unpopular in the mass market and were abandoned in favor of the imposition of new teardrop shaped lights. This time, in collaboration with the SWRT (Subaru World Rally Team), new expertise has led to better aerodynamics. On the performance side, a twin-scroll turbo system was introduced for better purging efficiency, along with a modified exhaust system. The crankshaft, along with the pistons and connecting rods, were strengthened allowing the engine to produce 40.2 kgfm, the highest torque in the 2-litre class at the time.

Some manual transmission models also featured a driver-controlled center differential with an automatic mode. Depending on the cornering conditions, the distribution of torque to the front and rear of the center differential was automatically distributed, and the car showed tremendous effectiveness on both racetracks and winding roads. In June 2004, a model with larger tires was introduced. This was in response to demand from motorsports, such as in the Super Taikyu Endurance races. Maximum torque was also increased to 42.0 kgfm at that time. The Impreza found its way to fame as one of Japan’s most representative high-performance cars, recognized by enthusiasts around the world. Exports of the STi model to America began in 2003, and when the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution also began exporting, the fierce rivalry extended beyond Japan’s borders.

Car livery

1687958373 351 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

The livery for the ‘Anest Iwata Racing RC F GT3’ driven by Igor Omura Fraga in the Super GT has been added. This livery can be selected with the purchase of the Lexus RC F GT3 ’17 in Brand Central.

GT Café Extra Menus

1687958375 409 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

1687958376 204 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

The following two additional menus have been added:

  • Additional Menu No. 24: ‘Subaru WRX’ (Collector level 26 and above)
  • Additional Menu No. 25: “Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution” (Collector Tier 30 and above)

Music rally

1687958377 586 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

1687958378 959 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

The following six events have been added:

  • Good Old Days (Classixx Remix)
  • Marechia (with Celia Kameni)
  • Addicted to America
  • Life starts slowly
  • Moon Over the Castle GT7 version

Two new Scapes

1687958379 752 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

1687958380 47 Gran Turismo 7 Update 135 adds 3 exciting new cars

‘Monterey and ‘Field of Flowers’ have been added to the featured section.

Enjoy update 1.35 and have fun driving!

*Internet connection and Gran Turismo 7 game required for update

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