Gran Turismo 7 studio plans to bring the racer onto PC

Countless PlayStation exclusives are also appearing on PC via Steam these days. And it looks like Gran Turismo is following in those tracks. At least, creator Kazunori Yamauchi has announced that he is looking at options for a PC version.

The man announced the news via an interview with GTPlanet. When asked by the website if Yamauchi would consider a PC release of Gran Turismo 7, he confirmed.

Although the CEO of Polyphony immediately admitted that it would not be an easy job. For example, he said that “Gran Turismo 7 is a hugely optimized game.” For PlayStation consoles that is. He also added that “there are few platforms that can run the game in native 4K at 60 fps.” One way to do that is to optimize the game for only one platform. According to Yamauchi, “a PC port is not easy, but the option is being explored.”

When the game comes to PC, PC players will have a class box of a racer with it.

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