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Graham Linehan writes how I became the most hated man on the internet

Graham Linehan has seen that speaking events have been canceled, lawsuits filed and the police visited his home for confrontation with trans-rights activists

Today I am one of the most disgusting characters on the internet. My speaking events have been canceled. I have been charged. The police have visited my house and former friends have turned their back on me.

Yet I am the man who wrote the beloved Father Ted! Why have I suddenly become unpopular? The thought crime for which I have been tried and found guilty is that I believe that biological reality exists.

I believe that women are females. I believe that everyone should be able to present themselves as they want, but that the hard-fought rights of women should not be compromised for the benefit of men suffering from body dysphoria – that is, men who feel trapped in the wrong body.

In particular, I believe that gender ideology in its current fashionable form is dangerous, incoherent nonsense.

I believe that trans people – who are unlucky enough to undergo body dysphoria – are being exploited and trivialized by violent, controlling and authoritarian trans-rights activists. And I think women and children suffer from it.

Worst of all, I say it aloud. This makes me Public Enemy No 1.

I make my arguments powerful because I am worried, sometimes with humor because I am a comedy writer and often while I curse because I am Irish. It is the humor that they hate the most. It is kryptonite for these activists.

I am 51 and I have never seen anything like the authoritarianism shown, the desperate desire to end the conversation. No real civil rights movement continues in secret, but it has “NO DEBATE” as one of its mantras.

So, while we are in a world where male sexual offenders attack female prisoners in bad wigs, where rape crisis centers are unbundled because they do not admit men and where a guy in a full beard tells school children that he is a lesbian, we are out with toxic aggression informed that we cannot say anything about this.

No debate? Oh, there will be a debate.

The popular opinion among my opponents is that I choose negative stories to mask a hatred of transgender people. I actually came into this debate for the first time because I saw women being bullied, lost their jobs and members of the most intense online harassment I had ever seen, and I wanted to stand next to them.

As a writer, I could not see if one of the most important words in the English language, the word “woman,” was changed against the will of those who defined it.

An example of some recent Twehan tweets about sexuality and trans-rights

An example of some recent Twehan tweets about sexuality and trans-rights

Suddenly everywhere you looked, women were wiped out, insulted or threatened. Amnesty refers to pregnant women as ‘pregnant people’. Productions of The Vagina Monologues close because they have excluded ‘women without vaginas’. Women’s toilets are disappearing from public life – although they were introduced to ensure that women could have a public life.

Worst of all, I saw the lack of compassion or empathy for the vulnerable women who are often at the end of the new Gender Theocracy.

The four women who were attacked in prison in 2018 by a male sex offender (who everyone had to call “Karen” or committed a hate crime) are four women too many.

Women in prison often have a history of male abuse. Whatever they have done, they are entitled to the safety of the type of men who helped them there.

Rational people – and the same goes for rational transgender people – are appalled by those who have now adopted trans-activism.

Body dysphoria is no longer considered central or even necessary for those who decide to adopt a so-called trans identity.

To see how elastic and meaningless the word “trans” has become, all you have to do is look at the definition of the Stonewall lobby group: “Trans people can describe themselves using one or more of the most diverse terms, including (but not limited to) transgender, transsexual, gender queer (GQ), gender-liquid, non-binary, gender-variant, crossdresser, genderless, agender, non-gender, third-sex, bi-gender, trans-male, trans female, trans male, trans female and neutral. ”

I discovered that neutrois literally means “androgyn”. So androgynous people are trans. That’s news for Bake Off presenter Noel Fielding.

According to the definition of Stonewall, everyone is trans, and nobody is. A cross-dresser such as banker Philip Bunce, who only takes a few days for the female persona “Pippa”, nevertheless receives the honor of being named by the Financial Times as one of the top 100 women in business.

This was seen as progress, a step forward for women. In fact, it is an insult to women and to people suffering from body dysphoria.

Women's toilets are disappearing from public life, although they were introduced to ensure that women could have a public life

Women’s toilets are disappearing from public life – although they were introduced to ensure that women could have a public life

To maintain the fantasy that our gender is not connected to our bodies, truth must be bent and defeated in the fire of the academic language. That is why transactivists talk about sex being assigned “at birth” – a language abuse, if I ever heard one.

Is the gender of a newborn ‘assigned’ by a fickle midwife? Of course not. It is previously observed and recorded as a fact.

“Assigned” is one of the more successful English hijackings that have been achieved by gender ideologists, but you will hear it talk in many organizations from the NHS to the BBC – the kind of institution where you would really expect people to know better.

Before I knew how toxic trans-rights activism was, I wrote an episode of my Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd with a trans-character. The answer was more toxic than I was used to, but no matter how bad it was, I could at least write it. That was in 2013.

In 2020 such an episode would never be broadcast. And that is because the first generation that did not start playing has grown up to clone Mary Whitehouse. The new Puritans.

I am not new to indignation. There was anger on the part of some when we first released Father Ted, but the leaders we had were made of strong stuff and ignored the attacks. The same goes for The IT Crowd, Brass Eye, Black Books, and I think a few comedies that I have not worked on.

I am concerned that we are entering an era of pre-chewed, prissy art that does not offend anyone. But it is not the comedy writers who are the victims of all this: it is women who are the real victims.

Gender ideology is a disaster for women. They are expected to make room for men in their dressing rooms and their safe areas.

They are deprived of the language to describe their reality by incomprehensible academic ‘gender experts’, by teenagers encouraging each other online, by parents who are deeply mistaken, and by well-meaning people who, confused by the ever-changing terminology, still believe that they defend what used to be called transsexuals.

All of these forces that work together offer, whether they know it or not, a smokescreen for fetishists, scammers and hatred of women to pursue their own agenda.

In the coming years we will look back on this scandal, on the destroyed bodies, the confused crime statistics, the weakening of protection and the reversal of women’s rights and wondering how long it took.

The compensation for this article has been donated to Woman’s Place, which is campaigning against violence and discrimination against women.