Government warns of more zero-COVID crackdowns

After days of protests over COVID-zero, the Chinese government warned that it would crack down on those who disrupt the social order.

The Central Committee has issued a warning Tuesday night, the first official response to the four-days of unrest in twelve Chinese cities.

Protesters against Beijing’s lockdown on MondayCredit:Getty Images

“We must resolutely crack down on the infiltration and sabotage activities of hostile forces according to law, resolutely crack down on illegal and criminal acts that disrupt social order according to law, and earnestly safeguard the overall stability of society,” said Chen Wenqing, the Politburo’s secretary of the politics and legal affairs committee.

He The government would also improve its political judgment, political understanding, as well as political execution.

“It is necessary to promptly ease and resolve contradictions and disputes and help solve the practical difficulties of the people,” Chen said, according to Chinese state media service Xinhua.


The details of the meeting of the Central Committee suggest that the Chinese government is trying to balance the continuing concerns of workers and students under the third year COVID restrictions.

Tuesday night was a day of protest in China. To stop demonstrators from gathering, police and local authorities erected barricades around Beijing.

In Shanghai, police were seen boarding a train and checking travellers’ phones for apps, including Telegram and Twitter. Protesters used the apps to coordinate and disseminate overseas information.

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