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GOP congressman asks why DoJ ‘told Trump he’s being indicted’ on day Congress shown Biden document


What an opportune moment! GOP congressman questions why the DoJ ‘told Trump he was charged’ the same day Congress received a document claiming Biden received $5 million from a Ukrainian energy company

A Republican congressman has questioned the timing of Donald Trump’s indictment, pointing out that it came on the same day House members saw a controversial Joe Biden “corruption” document.

Jack Smith, the special counsel investigating Trump’s handling of classified documents, told Trump’s attorneys that the former president is pending indictment, Trump announced Thursday.

Smith himself did not confirm the indictment.

Trump will face seven federal charges relating to his taking of official records and classified White House documents when he leaves.

The decision to brief Trump on the charges came the same day members of the House Oversight Committee had access to an FBI report into an allegation of bribery while Biden was vice president.

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds said the timing was remarkable.

Jack Smith was appointed special adviser in November to investigate Trump’s handling of classified information

Donalds, 44, sits on the House Oversight Committee and was shown the “corruption” documents held by the FBI on Thursday.

He tweeted: ‘On the day members of Congress learn of an FBI document tying then Vice President Joe Biden to receiving $5 MILLION from Burisma under a fee-for-service scheme, the Biden’s DOJ announces another bogus impeachment of the top GOP presidential nominee, Biden’s likely opponent, and former POTUS.

“This mob-like justice system is overthrowing Lady Justice and poses the single greatest threat to our democracy.

“Stand by President Trump.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congresswoman from Georgia, who also sits on the House Oversight Committee, echoed Donalds’ anger.

“Just today I read the FBI’s Most Reliable Credible Informant Form FD-1023,” she tweeted.

“A detailed description of then-Vice President Joe Biden, who was paid $5 million to have Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired for investigating Burisma. Hunter got paid too.

“Joe Biden has classified documents everywhere. Literally on the garage floor next to the garage door opening and closing, but the corrupt and conniving FBI and DOJ do nothing.

‘It is shameful. Really pathetic. Ultimately, the greatest hypocrisy in modern history.

“A complete and utter failure for the American people. A stain on our nation that the FBI and DOJ are so corrupt and they don’t even hide it anymore.

Chronology of classified documents

May 2021: National Archives realizes that some documents from Trump’s presidency are missing

December 2021: Archives request documents from former president

January 2022: Archives received 15 boxes of material that had been stored at Mar-a-Lago, some of which contained classified material

February 2022: The case is referred to the Ministry of Justice. Trump’s team conducts a ‘dress rehearsal’, to prepare for the possibility of a search for the documents

May 2022: After back and forth with Trump’s legal team, Justice Department issues subpoena for additional documents they believe are at former president’s Florida home

Investigators believe that after this subpoena arrived, storage boxes, including some containing classified material, were moved from a Mar-a-Lago storage area that Trump personally examined. some of them.

June 2, 2022: Walt Nauta and two employees take documents out of a store. Hours later, Trump’s lawyers contact the DOJ and say they are welcome to visit and retrieve the documents

June 3, 2022: Three FBI agents and a DOJ attorney travel to Mar-a-Lago to retrieve the additional material. They received a single Redweld envelope, double-wrapped in tape, containing the documents, according to later court documents. This envelope contained 38 documents with classification marks, including five documents marked confidential, 16 marked secret and 17 marked top secret.

August 2022: The DOJ requested a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago, citing “probable cause” that additional presidential records and files containing classified information remained at Trump’s Florida home. Court documents show the original search warrant request showed officers believed ‘evidence of obstruction will be found on the premises’

August 8, 2022: FBI Agents Raid Mar-a-Lago: They Recover 18 Documents Marked Top Secret, 54 Marked Secret, 31 Marked Confidential, and 11,179 Government Documents or Photographs Unmarked

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