Google’s password-protected photo feature is coming on newer Pixels


Google’s Locked Folder feature, which allows you to password protect specific images or videos to prevent them from appearing in your main photo library, is available in the latest Pixel update, according to 9to5Google. Google’s page explaining locked folder says the feature is currently only available on Pixel devices, starting with the 3. When Google announced the feature at its I/O conference, Google said it would be coming to other Android phones “all year round.”

If you have an updated Pixel, you can set up the Locked Folder by going to Photos, then Library > Utilities > Locked Folder. Once it’s set up, you can see your secret stuff here.

You can move existing photos to the locked folder, which will remove them from your regular library as well as any existing memories in which the photo may appear. It is worth noting that, according to google, you can’t back up photos or videos in the locked folder, so there’s a degree of compromise between privacy and convenience. However, everything in the locked folder can be moved out of it if you no longer need to keep it private.

Google’s support page also explains that you can even set the camera to save captured images directly to the locked folder, so they never end up in your normal library. This can be useful if, for example, you were at a protest and you want to make sure that the captured photos are not available to anyone else who could get their hands on your phone. Or, for a more obvious example, if you’re taking some snappy selfies that you want to keep private.

Locked folder is included as part of: June Pixel update, which is now rolling out to phones. according to 9to5Google, the update also includes the ability to ask the Google Assistant to answer or decline a call, create astrophotography videos (on the Pixel 4 and newer), and an improvement to Gboard that shows important details (like a phone number) in your suggestion strip. keyboard after copying the text to your clipboard.