Google’s new ad is full of Jony Ive on the Pixel 5A headphone jack

Yesterday was the release of Google’s $449 Pixel 5A with 5G, and the company just released a two minute video which celebrates one of the very best hardware features of the phone. No, it is not the new IP67 dust and water resistance. It’s not yet the bigger screen or the biggest battery in a Pixel.

It’s all about the headphone jack, or “the circle” as this very Jony Ive-esque place constantly refers to it. Google is really coming out with its YouTube ads, and you’ve probably never seen a video about a headphone jack like this one. I mean, the ad uses images of a space station docking station to underline the “satisfying click” feel you get when you plug headphones into Google’s latest phone.

My favorite part is when it dives right into the nitty-gritty of headphone jack terminology: Google says the Pixel 5A is “designed to welcome both 1/8-inch three-pin TRS and four-pin TRRS connections.”

Even the description of the video is correct:

Calling this perfectly symmetrical technological marvel a “headphone jack” might feel like an understatement… but technically it’s called that, so… fair enough. See! The headphone jack, on the Google Pixel 5a with 5G.

The narrator calls the Pixel 5A’s headphone jack “a glorious achievement that draws on our past while propelling us into the future.”

But something about that line caught my eye. Because now, my friends, we have to fall back to reality, where that “future” only applies to the midrange Pixel. Google’s next flagship smartphones, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, don’t have the circle. Perfect as it is, it’s been absent from the top pixels since the Pixel 2.