Google’s custom Chromebook CPUs could appear as early as 2023

Google’s custom chips could expand beyond the Pixel 6 to Chromebook laptops and tablets as early as 2023, according to a new report from Nikkei Asia the company’s increasing emphasis on designing its own processors.

The company is already gearing up to release its first major custom chip this fall, featuring the Pixel 6’s upcoming Tensor SoC. The report also echoes 2020 rumors that Google was planning internal Chromebook chips after the concept. debuted on Pixel phones — something we now know is happening in a few weeks.

But the Nikkei Asia report lists some additional details, including the aforementioned 2023 timing; a confirmation that, like the Tensor chip, the Chromebook CPUs will be based on Arm; and that Google wants to develop them for both laptop and tablet-like form factors.

The rumor doesn’t mention what Google’s plans are for its custom Chromebook chips. It’s been nearly two years since it released the Pixelbook Go (the only Google-made Chromebook the company currently sells) and nearly three years since its last tablet, the matte Pixel Slate.

There aren’t many details about what Google hopes to achieve with its Chromebook chips (by comparison, the company’s Tensor chip for Pixels seems to focus primarily on AI performance), but the Nikkei Asia The report notes that the company was particularly inspired by Apple’s success in custom chips for both its iPhone and Mac products. And while it may still be years away from reality, the idea of ​​Google delivering a similar performance to Apple’s M1 chips for Chromebooks seems like a very intriguing possibility.