Google’s Critical Pixel 6 January Update Is Here For Some

Google seems to be getting ready to release a highly anticipated update for Pixel 6 phones. Android expert Mishaal Rahman notes: that Google posted OTA and factory images for the January 2022 patch to the developer site. That means anyone can side-load the update to their Pixel phone right now, but it also means the official over-the-air update will be coming to your device soon — and it might be best to wait until then. , given the issues caused by December Update.

The January update should include plenty of bug fixes that Pixel 6 owners have been eagerly waiting for. Google originally planned to ship them in the December update, but eventually stopped and removed the files from its site when users complained about connectivity issues after installing the patch. Google says that the January update will fix the issues caused by the December update as well as the existing bugs that caused at least one known Pixel 6 user to ditch the phone altogether.

With the images public and a Canadian telecom company stating Monday, January 17th for the release, it seems very likely that the official update will come out in the coming week. That’s not too early for people who bought the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro and expected to get a premium device. While the hardware is truly flagship level, the software experience wasn’t exactly smooth.