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Google video shows that Android 11 is likely to launch on September 8

Android 11, the next major update to Google’s mobile operating system, is expected to roll out on September 8. As noted by the sharp eyes Android police, the date was displayed in a slide during a video for the company’s “Hey Google” Smart Home Summit.

At around 18 minutes, you’ll see “Android September 8 launch checklist” at the top of the slide and Google’s Michele Turner says “We’re launching everywhere on September 8” when he talks about the new Android 11 Power menu that provides easier access to smart home controls and switches.

Last month, Google released the first public beta of Android 11 and said the official launch will take place later in the third quarter. Android 10 rolled out on September 3 last year, so the 8th would be consistent with Google’s usual timeline.

Android 11 includes a number of improvements, including updated notifications that give messaging apps their own “ conversation area. ” The update also adds native screen recording and “bubbles” on top of other apps that allow you to easily return to a chat. Media control in quick settings has been redesigned, and as I mentioned above, the menu that appears when you hold the power button now a lot of of different things.